Eva Air Flight Change

Eva Airlines has typically expanded their services in order to provide full comfort to their passengers, and their flight change policy is one of the finest policies available. If you believe that changing your flight would be a difficult process the, Eva Air flight change policy provides you with simple procedures to follow and make modifications. Numerous changes may be made, for instance, the passenger can reschedule trip plans instead of cancelling a flight, and will not have to pay any cancellation fees. So, you can continue your travel plans with ease.

How to Change an Eva Air Flight

Eva airline allows you to modify your date and/or destination online by following the instructions below.

1. Go to Evaair.com.

2. On the first webpage, choose the ‘Manage’ tab and click the “View my Booking” option.

3. Select the desired adjustments (Date/Destination).

4. Enter your Booking reference, last name, and first name, and log in to your account.

5. Choose your preferable flight.

You can also make changes via calling the reservation center of Eva air. The representatives will let you know if any fee is applicable to your modification.

Flight Change Cost in Eva Airline

Eva Airline makes it simple to make modifications to a flight ticket. They give assistance at every stage for the convenience of their clients, and customer support is available 24 hours a day.

If your ticket is refundable, or if you alter your flight within 24 hours and have booked your reservation at least 7 days before the scheduled departure, no fees will be charged.

If you make any changes after the given time period; there will be a change fee that depends on your destination. Additionally, there are no charges for upgrading seats or travel class but you will only pay the fare of a new flight ticket.

If you come across any emergency, Eva air will also waive the change fee on your ticket. Although it is mandatory to notify the airlines about the same.

However, for all other tickets, you must pay $50 as a flight change fee for domestic and $100 for International flights, which might vary depending on the ticket you possess.

What Is Eva Air’s Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

When you are making changes to your same-day flight booking; it is mandatory that the new flight depart from the same destination as mentioned in your current ticket.

If you are a star alliance member then you are also eligible to make changes in your flight, you can choose to book a ticket flight other than Eva air.

In case the new flight costs less than then your original flight and there is no flight change fee then you can also request a refund. The amount will be transferred to your travel bank which can be used in upcoming bookings.

Be notified that to make changes in your Eva air reservation for free of cost your ticket must be booked through the official website. You might get charged for administration fee if changes are made at the airport or ticketing office.

Eva Airlines Customer Service

To learn more about EVA Air’s booking and cancellation policies, call +1-800-473-6632. Furthermore, you may manage your reservations on low-cost flights and enjoy cheap carriers, among other benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain refund from Eva Airline?

In order to request a refund from Eva Air

1. Navigate to Eva Air’s official website.

2. Proceed to the ‘Plan and Booking page’ and choose ‘Refund application/Enquiry’.

3. Make your refund request.

Alternatively, you can call the Eva Airline customer service department at ” +1-800-473-6632 “.

Furthermore, if you purchased the ticket through a travel agent, contact them to request a refund.

Can I change Eva’s flight seat?

Yes, travelers can change their seat to any seat as long as it is available. To switch seats, follow these procedures.

  1. Sign in to your EvaAir.com account.
  2. Select the ‘Manage Trip’ tab.
  3. Fill out the reservation form and submit it.
  4. Choose whatever seat you like and press the choose button.

How long does it take to get your Eva Airline flight refund?

Eva Airline offers a variety of simple ways to request a refund in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Refunds are usually issued within 20 days if the transaction takes place in cash and within 7 days if the money was transferred using a credit card.

The additional service that you chose but were unable to use due to over sales or flight cancellation will also be refunded.

Can I change my name on Eva airline Ticket?

Yes, according to Eva Airline policy, your name can be changed provided you fulfil all of the Eva Air Name Change Policy requirements. If it does, you must produce government-approved documentation to demonstrate that the adjustments are implemented appropriately. There will also be a USD 50.00 fee, which is non-refundable.