Delta Unaccompanied Minor

Delta provides special facilities for Unaccompanied Minors and children traveling alone less than 18 years of age. It offers features like a trackable wristband, SkyZone lounge, and a personal escort for children to have a safe and comfortable journey.

Following are some of the details of the program on the basis of the minor’s age:-

4 years and below: Must be accompanied by someone above 18 years.

5 to 7 years: May travel on some nonstop flights

8 to 14 years: May travel on some nonstop and connecting flights.

15 to 17 years: May travel on nonstop and connecting flights/ Can travel as an unaccompanied minor

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Program Rules

Travel of minors is permitted on Delta and Delta connection flights.

Travel is not permitted for the last connecting flight of the day.

Minors must be ticketed on an adult fare.

Travel is not permitted between 9:00 pm-5:00 am (Red Eye Flights).

To book a Delta flight please visit the website.

Unaccompanied Minor Fees

A fee of $150 USD/CAD/EUR each way is charged by Delta Airlines for the Unaccompanied Minor Program. The fee applies to travel within the United States and International nonstop and connecting flights. Service is necessary for children from 5-14 years and for children in the age group of 15-17 years, the service is optional if the parents sign up for the unaccompanied minor program. The fee can either be paid for one way or a round trip.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel Booking

An adult must accompany the minor through the check-in and pick up the child at the destination or else the flight will be canceled by the airline. The process of booking an Unaccompanied Minor On a Delta flight is given below:-

You can make Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor reservations by calling the customer service phone number. The unaccompanied minor must be identified in the PNR( Passenger Name Reservation). If the minor’s SFPD(Secure Flight Passenger Data) indicates that the traveler is a minor by the date of birth and is traveling alone, additional UMNR(Unaccompanied Minor Policy) is required to be entered in the PNR. You will be provided with a 4-digit PIN that will be required for further process and to make any changes.


  1. Photo ID- license, passport
  2. Address(same as ID)
  3. Phone number
  4. Name, address, and phone number of the adult picking up the minor at the destination.
  5. Countries like Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa require a letter from the legal guardian giving permission to the minor to travel alone or with someone who is not their parent.
  6. The adult is required to accompany the minor to the departure gate and remains there until the flight leaves the ground. The children must be seated in the rear of the aircraft so that they are near a flight attendant.
  7. While booking the flight, the details of the person are required – who will pick up the child at departure must be given. The child will only be released to that person. The adult must be present at the airport two hours prior to the departure to obtain a pass.
  8. If there is a change in the person who has to pick up the child, the new information must be provided by calling the airline. Delta will then contact the original accompanying adult to verify the details. The person picking up the child must obtain a gate pass.

Children and Infant Travel

There are separate details if you are traveling with your child. You can call Delta Reservations for assistance with child fares and infant in arms tickets.

For Domestic Flights: Within the USA

2 years old on adult’s lap: Ticket Required

2 years old on the separate seat: Ticket Required

2-4 years: Ticket Required

5-7 years: Ticket Required

For International Flights: Outside the USA

2 years old, on adult’s lap: Ticket at 10% of the adult fee according to the destination

2 years old, separate seat: Ticket required, country-specific discounts.

2-4 years: Ticket required, country-specific discounts

5-7 years: Ticket required, country-specific discounts

8-14 years: Ticket required, country-specific discounts

15 and above: Ticket required, country-specific discounts


  1. How to book an infant on a Delta flight?

After booking your Delta flight online, you can contact the Delta Airlines Reservations customer service department and ask them to add an infant in the arm to your reservations. You may need to pay extra if you book an extra seat for your child.