American Airlines Basic Economy

American airlines are providing the lowest-priced tickets to its customers which is Basic economy fare. With the help of these tickets, the customers can experience the American network at affordable prices. At the same time, they can get the services they want by paying for them for international destinations.

It Operates Airbus a321, Boeing 747, 737, 777, etc. Customers flying with children or Lap Infant can also book their flight. Although the customers get various facilities such as complimentary snacks, soft drinks, and in-flight entertainment along with the comfortable seating in the Main Cabin still there are certain restrictions:

  1. Carry-on bags that need storage in the overhead compartment are not allowed.
  2. Flight change requests are not entertained neither there are any refunds. However, if there is a change of flight for the same day then those requests are included.
  3. No priority access is provided even with a fee.
  4. In the boarding passes, the last group will be shown.
  5. The elite status customers and eligible AAdvantage credit card members are not bound by the above restrictions.

How to Book Basic Economy on American Airlines?

In order to get the cheapest price for a flight ticket, the best option is to get the Basic economy fare on American Airlines. To book these types of tickets, one needs to keep in mind, the reservation needs to be made at least three weeks before the travel date.

Now, to reserve the Basic economy fare, it can be done either through the live agent on the phone or online. The agents are highly trained and professional to book your tickets. There is no service charge for booking the tickets.

In order to Book the Basic economy flight online, simply login into your American Airlines’ AAdvantage account. Once you have filled in your travel details like a departure, destination, your travel dates, you will be taken to the next page wherein you need to select the basic economy fare among all the classes of service.

What is meant by Basic Economy?

Basic Economy is the cheapest fare class that is onboard American Airlines. The same main cabin set is available to the basic economy passengers as the other economy class passengers with slight differences:

  1. The elite qualifying miles are reduced.
  2. Seats are assigned as per availability, these cannot be chosen without a fee.
  3. The placement is done in a low-priority boarding group.
  4. After 24 hours of booking, no ticket changes are entertained.
  5. Checked bags are not free on flights.


American Airlines has eliminated change fees permanently for all basic economy flight tickets booked by 31st Mar 2021 due to Covid-19. However, if there is any difference in fare, that has to be paid and applicable taxes.

In general, In the case of basic economy fare, no changes can be made. American Airlines charges a change fee. If you need to change your flight, it has to be done on the same date. 

In order to change the Award ticket, the change has to be made 72 hours before the flight as these tickets cannot be changed at any time as per the flight change rules. However, if the ticket has been booked seven days prior, then within 24 hours of booking, the ticket can be modified without paying any change fee.

In case of it may cost $200 as a change fee. The customers that are ticketed on basic economy fares do not qualify for the same-day flight change. However, if a same-day flight change is done within 24 hours of booking, there is no charge.

For Elite status Members on American Airlines, a fee of $75 is charged. Economy tickets booked between Mar 2020 to Jan 31, 2021, are waived off from the fee. If a  ticket is purchased that is an unrestricted fare, then timings can be changed with no change fee.                                


Various upgrades are available with American Airlines for the customers having a Basic economy fare. These include Main Cabin extra seats, priority boarding as well as same-day flight changes.

The travelers with AAdvantage frequent flier miles are eligible to use their miles to upgrade their flights only when the space for upgrade is available. The request has to be made regarding the upgrade from basic economy to the Main Cabin, and if there is the availability of space, an upgrade is provided.

How to Cancel an American Airlines’ Basic Economy Fare?

The main point in the cancellation policy is that only once, any change can be made, and in that case, the fare is foregone. However, there may be some amount payable in case of ticket cancellation at the time of rebooking. A refund cannot be availed the second time if the airline itself does not cancel the flight. Moreover, in the case of an expensive flight option, then the difference is to be paid. The easiest way to adjust an American Airlines is if a travel waiver covers it, and if there is a cancellation, it becomes the cheapest method.

How does American Airlines assign Basic Economy Seats?

There is no free seat reservation in the basic economy section of American airlines. In case a particular seat is selected, then a cost has to be paid. However, if not chosen, these are automatically assigned for no price at check-in. The fee for a seat is quite fair, which starts from 9 dollars or 10 dollars for a middle seat and slightly high for the window seat.

Traveling with family: in this case, if the children are under 15 and the seats are not given already, then the system itself chooses the seats together for a family. However, if there are a limited number of seats, then seats are assigned so that children under 15 are seated next to at least one adult.