Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

Do you want your pet to accompany you? Do you want to know the details of Lufthansa airlines pet policy? Lufthansa airline has laid down some of the best policies for pet travel. By reading the article you will get all the information related pet policy of Lufthansa airlines.

Lufthansa Airline Pet Policy 2022

Depending on the weight and size of your pet, it is decided whether the pet would travel in-cabin or in-cargo. Let’s discuss the requirement of policy in detail


  • Large size and weight are not allowed to travel in-cabin.
  • The total weight of the pet and transport carrier should not be more than 8kg.
  • The minimum age of the pet should be at least 12 weeks
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring a maximum of two pets with them. And they must fit into one carrier.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy ( cargo hold)

If your pet is too large or the flight is too long, we shift your pet to an air-conditioned cargo hold. This section of the cargo has the same temperature and pressure as the in-cabin.

  • Large size pet and other animals like domesticated rabbit is allowed to be transported as checked baggage.
  • Only 1 animal is allowed per crate.
  • Each passenger can bring up to two pets with them.
  • Pet should be at least 6 months old.
  • The weight limit of a pet with its kennel should not be more than 8kg but you can bring it up to 14kg by paying an extra baggage fee.
  • Must be checked in 2-3 hours before departure.
  • Pets will not travel as checked baggage to the destination require them to enter as manifest cargo such as hong-kong and Uk.
  • Breed-named snub-nossed are not permitted to checked baggage.
  • A health certificate is mandatory if traveling as checked baggage.


Pets that are too large and are traveling alone, are allowed to travel in-cargo

  • Pet should be at least 16 weeks old if traveling to/from US. and in the case of other countries it should be at least 12 weeks old.
  • Lufthansa will not transport live animals from Kuwait.
  • As per in-cargo policy, a health certificate should be issued within 10 days of travel, proof of rabies vaccination, and the form required by the country.

Lufthansa’s Pet Lounge

For all the animals transiting via Frankfurt, Lufthansa offers first-class care in its animal lounge. Pets can enjoy all the perks of watering and feeding for 2 hours in duration.

Note: Pet booking should be confirmed at least 24hours before departure by calling on the phone number of the Lufthansa airlines service center.

Service & Emotional Support Animal

Service pets can travel with their owner in a cabin free of cost. Flights other than the US, a certificate from a recognized training center must be submitted in advance to Lufthansa medical operation center. You must provide the pre-approval form that you receive from Lufthansa at check-in.

Emotional support animals are only allowed to fly in the cabin or on direct flights to/from the united state. flights outside the USA, your ESA needs to fly in airline compliant pet carrier. Within 48 hours of departure, you need to submit a medical certificate issued by a licensed doctor confirming the need for esa to the centers. You will receive approval notification, carry two copies of approval on-board

Carrier And Dimension as per Lufthansa airlines pet policy

  • Transport container compliant with the current IATA regulations is considered as approved pet carrier.
  • Large enough for animals to move freely.
  • Inclusive of empty food and water bowls

Measurements of kennel:

Pet in-Cabin55 X 40 X 23 cm
Excess Baggage125 X 75 X85 cm
Pet In-Cargo125 X 75 X85 cm

Lufthansa pet travel cost

In-Cabin priceEUR 55-100
Pet Cargo holds priceEUR 70-400

Frequently Asked Question

1. How many pets are allowed on Lufthansa flights?

Each passenger can carry up to two pets.

2. How do I add a pet to my Lufthansa flight?

You can pay to transport your pet at check-in or the Lufthansa service counter.

3. How much does it cost to transport a pet with Lufthansa airlines to different countries?

Lufthansa pet travel charges:

Routes in-cabinCargo hold
germanyUSD 60/ EUR 50USD 184/ EUR 160
europeUSD 72/ EUR 60USD 230/ EUR 200
North africa, central asia, USD96/ EUR 80USD299/ EUR 260
Short inter continental routesUSD 108/ EUR 90USD 346/ EUR 300
Medium intercontinental routesUSD 120/ EUR 100USD 391/ EUR 340
Long intercontinental routesUSD 132/ EUR 100USD 437/ EUR 380
to/from japanUSD 84/ EUR 70USD 400/ EUR 300

4. What is the temperature restriction for pet travel as per Lufthansa airlines pet policy?

As per Lufthansa pet policy, not to fly your pet if it’s going to be 80 degrees or hotter.

5. What are the documents and health certificate requirements to transport a pet on a Lufthansa flight?

Documents required for traveling in-cabin/ excess baggage

  • Official and veterinary documents as per passport
  • Other documents and permits required by the destination city and country
  • 2 filled out and signed print out of transporting an animal in passenger cabin form
  • Your booking confirmation or passenger ticket.

           Health certificate requirement

  • All necessary medical examinations and treatments such as vaccination certificates, microchipping certificates, etc.

6. What are the contact details of Lufthansa Airlines to book a ticket for a pet?

To book the reservation of a pet with Lufthansa airlines contact 1-800-102-5838, by contacting customer service of Lufthansa airlines, you can book the reservation for your pet.

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