Singapore Airline First Class

Do you want to experience traveling through first class? Singapore Airlines first class is the best option when it comes to luxury and comfort. They provide you with all the amenities that no other airline can beat. We are here to guide you with all the details if you are planning for your next vacation through Singapore airlines in their first class. So, here is the necessary information that might come to your rescue while booking a seat for first-class under Singapore airlines.

As per Covid guidelines, passengers should be fully vaccinated.

How to Book Singapore Airline First Class Tickets?

With these simple steps, you can easily book your ticket at cheap rates by just sitting at home. You can easily book your ticket online by following these steps. Krisflyer is the official program of Singapore airlines for booking tickets. You can book both international and domestic flights.

  • Visit
  • Choose Redeem flights
  • Select your travel date and desired route
  • Choose first class as the cabin
  • Fill in the necessary check-in details regarding, the number of passengers and their contact details
  • Click search
  • Choose your flight
  • Read the covid guidelines carefully
  • Apply the promo code, or any offers you are getting
  • Pay the suite price ticket through your debit or credit card.
  • Receive your Singapore Airlines E-ticket in “My Booking” or by Email.

you can book the flight ticket by using the elite card and you can also redeem the points.

What Amenities are Under Singapore Airlines?

Traveling through first class on a Singapore airline can be such a lavish experience. Singapore Airlines provides high-class service and extra perks and benefits. Here are the important details you need to know

  • Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines gives you the benefit of extra baggage allowance or weight allowance. On flights from or to the U.S, suites or first-class passengers of Singapore Airlines are allowed to carry two pieces of luggage up to 70 pounds. For flights other than the US you can carry up to 110 pounds.

you can carry additional luggage or extra weight if you are an elite member of the flight.

  • Boarding

Suite and first-class holders have their boarding lane. Flyers like A380 have their jet bridge.

  • Suites/seats

First-class on Boeing777 aircraft has very luxurious extra-wide, lie-flat seats with plenty of storage. 

Whereas A380 first-class flyers can hitch their private suites, which include a private room, comfortable yet luxurious recliner seat and first-class bed, and a door for privacy. They have special double beds for couples, wifi, and inflight entertainment. New blankets and bedsheets are provided. 

  • Lounges

Singapore Airlines operates its own Kris flyer lounge. As a premium flyer, you can check for first-class reception with your boarding pass.

After an escort through a private immigration line, you’ll be headed to a private lounge, that will live up to your expectation. An entertainment facility is provided to first-class passengers

  • Foods and Meals

Passengers can preselect the meal online with the menu option available. One can choose from a wide variety of dishes on the food menu.

You will have access to the airline’s special wine list and champagne and just about anything you would like to drink. First-class holders have a lot of dining options available. Breakfast is included for overnight flights.

In case of query, contact the Singapore airline customer care representative.

Famous Routes of Singapore Airlines

Some of the famous aircraft under Singapore airlines that are usually preferred if we are traveling to the US or any other country like New Zealand, Dubai, Australia are A380, A350, and B777.

Some of the famous routes of Singapore Airlines are Los Angeles, Beijing, New York, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Melbourne, San Francisco, Houston, Condon, Jakarta, Zurich, Frankfurt, Auckland, London, Hongkong and other parts of the countries as well. 

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