Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Flying with your furry friend accompanied by Southwest airlines is out of harm’s way and here is the information about the pet (dog/cat only) policy essentials. According to Southwest pet policy, pets are only welcomed onboard domestic flights inside the United States.


  1. Fully trained and vaccinated pets can fly in-cabin underneath the seat of the passenger.
  2. Passengers can take one pet with them on the flight. Only 6 pets can travel in the whole flight whosoever booked the flight first will take into consideration.
  3. At the airport ticket check-in counter, passengers can confirm their boarding passes online in spite of the fact that pets also have to check-in at the counter.
  4. As per pet policy, flights don’t allow pets with wild behaviour.

Pet Carrier Requirements

  1. Passengers can fly only with 1 pet carrier per pass of the plane.
  2. Southwest airlines allow 2 pets of similar species in pet carriers.
  3. Pet should be inside the carrier and also have a ventilation opening.
  4. Age requirement- Pets must be minimum of 8 weeks old for travel in the cabin.

Pet Carrier size

  1. Southwest airline pet kennel with dimensions/size of 17’’long x 9.5’’ high x 10’’ wide.

2. As per the federal aviation administration(FAA) measurement of the pet, the carrier is 18.5’’ long x 8.5’’ high x 13.5 wide.

3. The kennel must be ventilated so that pets can sit and stand comfortably in the carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest airlines accept pets?

Yes. With Southwest airlines, you can travel with your pet in cabin. Southwest airline does not allow pets to enter the international flight or any international journey.

How do I Book my pet on Southwest?

Southwest pet booking can be done by reaching at Southwest pet center.

Do I have to bring any documents for my pet?

While carrying your pet with Southwest Air lines, the passenger needs to be ready with the Health Certificate of the pet along with the approved southwest pet carrier.

How much does it cost to add a pet?

Southwest Pet fee is $95 each way per pet kennel. If customers wish to cancel their reservation then the pet fee is refundable. Passengers can visit the airport counter or contact Southwest airline at (1-800-435-9792).

What are the major pet travel restrictions under Southwest Airlines?

As per pet policy, pets can’t travel with unaccompanied minors.

Southwest Airlines does not permit pets in cargo and shipping.

Passengers travelling with their pets cannot sit in the exit or bulkhead row.

Southwest will not accept ESA(emotional support animals) for travel.

What mode of payment will be accepted for pets?

Cash will not be taken, only credit cards are accepted. You can use southwest gift cards and unutilised travel funds to pay pet charges.

Can my dog fly in the cabin with me to Hawaii?

Southwest airlines do not allow pets to or from Hawaii.

What are the security checkpoints while travelling with a pet?

On a Southwest airline flight, Every single pet carrier is investigated by TSA and other airport security and passengers will be requested to carry a pet for an x-ray through a screening device.

What are the famous Destinations for pets to travel to?

With Southwest Airlines, you can go to Madison, salt lake city, Philadelphia, Arizona, Tucson, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Florida, California, and Texas.

Does Southwest Airlines allow pets in cargo?

No, Southwest airlines do not allow pets in the cargo. They only accept dogs and cats in the cabin.