Turkish Airlines Manage Booking

Turkish Airlines offers a variety of flexible travel options, allowing travelers to make many adjustments to their tickets. You can make an unlimited number of modifications to your reservation. You may make adjustments to your cabin class, flight date, destination, name, seat selections, and meal preference at the Turkish Airlines manage booking area.

Follow the guidelines below to manage Turkish airlines reservations

1. Passengers who have already purchased their tickets can make adjustments to their reservations. You have the option of changing the route and converting their ticket to an open ticket.

2. All Turkish Airlines passengers can change their booking by swapping their ticket for a new one or converting their ticket to a new one.

3. If you have an unused ticket for one of the overseas flights that have been halted, you can rearrange your flights within one year in the same region as the original ticket destination.

Assume the airlines make any adjustments to your flight. You will be notified through text message or phone call. In the event of a flight change, Turkish Airlines will present you with alternate options.

Step to manage Turkish airlines bookings

1. To make changes to your booking, on the checking/manage booking tab, fill up the ticket number or reservation code and passenger surname and submit.

2. Now, you will see the details of your booking.

3. Make the necessary changes to your booking by selecting the buttons in front of your ticket.

4. Changes will be sent to you via SMS or mail.

5. Pay the applicable amount (if shown) and submit.

Also, passengers can make change requests to the Turkish Airlines sales office, call center phone number, or the agencies through which the booking was made.

Ticket change fee & policy for Turkish airlines:

Turkish Airlines has started its new policy of “zero change fee.” The policy is applied to both domestic and international flights.

The ticket change can be made in the same region which was booked in the original ticket. The zero change fee policy can be applied only once on your reservation.

Change to destination can be made for not flown tickets, but the passenger has to pay the price difference. In all the changes, fare differences that include taxes, exchange rates, or fare class differences will be applied. To modify your ticket to an open ticket, the current ticket has to be canceled before the day of the flight.

How to rescheduled a Turkish Airline flight

To modify your flight ticket, please follow these instructions Or you can simply call on “+90 212 463 63 63 “

  1. Select ‘Manage Booking’ or ‘Check in option.’
  2. Then enter your booking confirmation number/Ticket ID, followed by the surname of the passenger.
  3. Tap ‘Turkish Airline Change Flight’.
  4. Follow the easy prompt on the screen to rearrange your flight information (Date or Destination)
  5. Click on confirm, Your flight has been rescheduled

Award ticket change fee & policy

For award tickets, all travelers can only adjust the flight dates and times. The charge for changing a miles ticket on a flight in Turkey is 50 TRY, while the fee for changing a miles ticket on an overseas flight is 24 USD. Furthermore, according on the restrictions of the associated Turkish airlines, the change charge in mileage tickets may fluctuate.


How To Check Booking Status With Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can check their flight status in the “Flight status tab” you need to fill in the flight number and date, and you will be able to see the status of your flight. Passengers can also know the flight status through customer service centers.

How To Make Changes Without Paying Any Fare?

To avoid the fee, you can make changes to your reservation within 24 hours of your booking, or you can also use the “zero change fee” policy, which can be used only once.

How to change a ticket to an open ticket?

You must cancel your ticket before the departing date to convert it into an open ticket. You can do this by calling the Turkish airline’s ticket change phone number, sales officer or contacting travel agents with which you bought the ticket.