United Airline Cancellation Policy

Want to know about the united airlines cancellation policy? As the booking ticket with United Airlines is very simple, the cancellation with United Airlines is also very simple. But like every other airline, United airline has some policies laid down for the cancellation. So, here’s all the necessary information you would need in terms of cancellation of the ticket with united airlines.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

These are the new 2022 policies that are being followed by United Airlines for the cancellation of tickets. All these policies are framed after considering the covid guidelines.

  • You can cancel the booking within 24hrs, regardless of the fare, but the booking should have been done before 1 week or more from the day of departure.
  • All types of tickets are eligible for cancellation in case of death or illness or any medical condition or jury duty. This case also includes the ticket purchased by the cash, debit, or credit card, award points.
  • If your ticket qualifies, you can simply go to “my trip” to cancel your reservation and receive a refund.
  • Different policies will be applied based on the country or region of billing address.
  • Tickets booked using e-certificates are not eligible.

CANCELING AFTER 24HRS With United Airlines

After 24hrs, the cancellation policy will depend on the type of ticket purchased


No cancellation is allowed after 24hrs of booking.


Most tickets are nonrefundable under United Airlines, but some tickets are eligible to apply the value of tickets for new tickets. If you pay a fee.


            If the ticket purchased is refundable, then you are eligible for the refund before the flight departs. Depending on the fare type, you may also have to pay the cancellation fee. 


If you redeem your mega plus miles for your flight and want to cancel, you will have the option to redeposit or use it for the coming trip. If you choose to redeposit your miles within 30 days or less, redeposit fee may apply. And in case of more than 30 days no redeposit fee will apply.

Refund Policy

  • Partially used tickets will only be refunded if they qualify for the same. Refunds will be on a prorated basis and depend upon the rule applied to the ticket.
  • The processing time of refund in case of credit card is 7 business days. And in other modes of payment, it is around 20 business days.
  • All refunds will be refunded back to the mode of payment you choose to pay for the booking amount.
  • If you booked a ticket through an agency or third party, contact them in case of a refund.

How to Cancel Flight as per United Airlines Cancelation Policy?

You can cancel your flight in both online modes by also making a call on the number (+1-866-399-0587) or through a third party.

If you booked through the official website, you can cancel the ticket by following these simple steps:

  • Visit www.united.com
  • Click on the “my trip” tab
  • Access your trip by filling up a confirmation number and last name.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Choose the flight/ trip you want to cancel.
  • Select the cancel flight option.
  • And then on the next screen, you confirm your cancellation,
  • Click on confirm the option, your booking will officially be canceled

To check the status of the refund:

  • Visit refund page
  • Click on the check status tab on the right
  • Enter all the information related to the ticket number, document, and your last name.
  • Click on the check status tab
  • Your refund status will appear.


if a united Airlines flight is canceled:

  • Cancel your flight and request for refund.
  • Take an alternative flight offered by the airline
  • Postpone travel and receive travel credit.

If your United Airlines flight departing from the European Union, Norway, Iceland, or Switzerland is: 

  • Delayed by 5 hours: cancel the flight without penalty and claim a refund.
  • Delayed by 3hours: ask for compensation.

Cancelation Fees As Per United Airlines Cancellation policy

fees as per united airlines cancellation policy:

  • DOMESTIC FLIGHT: in the case of domestic flights, $200 cancellation charges will apply.
  • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT: In the case of international flights, $400 cancellation charges will apply.

In case of award ticket:

  • Cancelation made at least 31days

general members = USD 0

Silver members = USD 0

Gold members = USD 0

Premier Platinum and 1K members = USD 0

  • cancellations made 0 – 30 days before

general members = USD 125

Silver members = USD 100

Gold members = USD 75

Premier Platinum members = USD 50

Premier 1K members = USD 0

  • The united airline cancellation fee for a No-Show is USD 125, regardless of your membership level.
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