United Airline Pet Policy

We can totally understand your relationship with your pet, and your travel requirements with your pet like dogs, cats, and some birds. United Airlines understands your needs and allows a safe journey for your pet. Like every other airline, United Airlines also has a policy to lay down for pets. Flying with a United Airlines with a pet is the safest option. According to United airlines animal policy, you can reserve a seat for your pet in-plane/in-cabin or in cargo depending on the pet’s size. Find all the information for flying with the pet, its fees, pet policy, and requirements with united airlines as of 2022. Now add pets to United airline flights without any worry.


Domesticated pets like dogs and cats can accompany passengers and can fit in the kennel under your seats in front of you. Read the united airline dog policy, and cat policy below.


Pets who are traveling alone, or are big in size then have a separate facility to travel in cargo under united airlines. Also called shipping.


Pets as carry-on in cabin

  • Pets kennel should fit underneath and sit right in front of you.
  • On domestic flights, the puppies or kittens must be 2 months old. And in the case of international flights, they should be for 4 months due to the rabies vaccination requirement as per the age policy.
  • If you are carrying a pet, you have to buy an additional ticket for the pet and pay additional charges to the airline.
  • You have to follow the weight limit guideline for the pet strictly.
  • Your pet needs to stay in the kennel, in the cabin, onboard, and at the airport.
  • Pets won’t be provided with oxygen.
  • The Pet tag attached is necessary
  • Required additional information prior to reservation, speak directly to the agent in charge.
  • If you are traveling to the US from another country, you have to see the health declaration and vaccination requirements.

Note: United and United Express flights have this pet policy. If you are traveling on multiple flights, you have to check for each airline separately.

Pets as carry-on in cargo

United Airlines has partnered with American Humane to improve their pet transport service, PETSAFE. If your pet does not qualify to travel in-cabin, then they have the option of united pet cargo. The pet-safe program offers traveling to more than 3000 destinations.

  • Pets from 2kg to 350kg can be transported
  • Only prepaid booking.
  • Additional animal handling and kenneling fees may apply.

Carriers and Dimensions


  • Pets must be carried in a hard-sided or soft side kennel.
  • The kennel must fit under the seat, as it will remain there all the time.
  • Dimensions for hard-sided kennel:

17inches longX 12inches wideX 7.5inches high (44X30X19cm)

  • Dimension for soft-sided kennel:

18inches long 11 inches wide 11inches high (46X28X28cm)

(soft side kennel can exceed its dimension as it is collapsible and able to fit under the seat)

  • Only one pet is allowed in the kennel, so that pet can stand and move around comfortably.


  • The carrier must be large enough for the pet to move freely and stand straight.
  • The carrier must be constructed of rigid plastic, metal and secure with proper bolts
  • Food and any water dishes must be attached to the pet kennel.
  • Petsafe does not accept carriers taller than 30” and including the 700 series of crates.

Note: United airlines no longer sell or provide crates at airports

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a pet travel reservation under the United Airlines pet policy?

There’s a service charge of $125 each way, an additional $125 if there’s a stopover of more than four hours within the U.S and 24hrs outside the U.S.

What is the united airline pet policy for international flights?

Pets are not allowed to travel on flights to or from Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and other locations. Confirm beforehand, if your destination allows in-cabin travel of pets. Rules for in-cabin for international travel vary. For further assistance contact the United customer care center.

  1. What restrictions to consider under the United airline pet policy?

What restrictions to consider under the United airline pet policy?

As per united airline pet policy:

  • children traveling alone should not carry pets with them
  • United airline no longer accept emotional support animal ESA
  • the specified dog breed is not accepted
  • Pets must be on the same flight as the traveler.
  • Please confirm the heat and temperature where the pet will be kept during shipping.
  • Also, keep up to date with covid guidelines.

Documents required by the United airline pet policy?

As per the rule of, “the center for disease and control and prevention” ask for the paperwork. Dogs should be vaccinated for rabies 30 days prior the traveling. until they are coming from a rabies-free country. Most US states do not require vaccination for cats (for rabies).

What are famous destinations for pets to travel to under United airlines?

Austin,  Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles,  New York City, Moab, salt lake city, Madison, Tucson, Tampa, Orlando, Chicago.

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