Delta First Class

These are one of the most premium cabins to fly. Delta Air Lines operates its first-class service in most of the domestic and North American destinations. Delta first class staff that operates on the ground as well as in the air takes care of all your requirements. Let's check out all it's features, seats, types, and much more below:

Travelling Benefits

Superior support and legendary Delta relaxation are notable from the first class cabin. With dedicated flight attendants and much fewer passengers to attend in comparison with other basic cabins, you will discover exceptional support from the minute that you arrive on board. Sky Priority Service and additional space throughout your trip enhance your comfort.

Flight's Seats

First class seats are 3 inches wider and have 8 inches extra legroom as compared to other economy seats. You can use an amazing recliner to make yourself comfortable or stretch out yourself with flat-bed seats. First class seats on Delta are worth good sleep and comfort on long haul flights.

In-Flight Entertainment

Accessibility to Delta Studio enables you to enjoy a huge collection of flight entertainment. In first class flights, you can enjoy the latest movies, games and TV in your 11-inch seat rear screen or your private device.

Amenities In Flights

Meals & Beverages

Meals on first class Delta, are complimentary in international flights. You can select and pre-order your meals by sending an email before departure. The airline offers fresh, sizzling, and seasonal food to all its customers.

In Delta first class domestic flights, you will get complimentary snacks, soft drinks, Starbucks coffee, and juices. These menu items totally depend on the distance of your flight.

Types Of Flights

Delta Air Lines has various Boeing and Airbus which includes first class cabins. Few popular aircraft are, Delta 757, Delta 737, 767, Delta 717, A321, A320, A319, and A330. Know more about these first class types below:

757 Flights

Delta has first class cabins in Boeing 757-200 and 757-300. Delta 757-200 has 199 seats in total, out of which 20 seats are for the first class cabin. In this aircraft, the seat pitch is 94 inches and seat width is 37 inches. Flat-bed seats are power outlet, satellite TV, USB port, personal screen, and Wifi. However, in Boeing 757-300, there are 234 seats in total and 24 seats in the first class cabin with 37 inches seat width and 207 inches of pitch.

737 Flights

Delta Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 both has first class cabins. Delta 737-800 has 160 seats in total and 16 seats in first class cabins. However, in 737-900, it has 180 seats in total and 20 seats in first class. Seat pitch in both 737-800 and 737-900 is 39 inches and 37 inches. Seat width in both 737-800 and 737-900 is 21 inches. Seats features and amenities in these aircraft are the same as others.

717 Flights

Delta Boeing 717-200 has 110 seats in total with 12 seats in the first class cabin. Boeing 717-200 first class seats have 20 inches of width and 37 inches of pitch. Rest of the features are similar to the other flights.

A321 Flights

Airbus A321-200 Delta first class has 20 seats in the cabin with 21 inches of width and 37 inches of pitch.

A320 Flights

Airbus A320-200 Delta First Class has 16 seats with 21 inches of width and 36 inches of pitch.

A319 Flights

Airbus A319-100 Delta First Class has 12 seats with 21 inches of width and 37 inches of pitch.

A330 Flights

Airbus A330-300 Delta First Class has 34 seats with 19.7 inches of width and 80 inches of pitch. Delta A330-900 neo has 29 seats in the first class cabin with 22.5 inches of width and flatbed seats.

Flight Upgrade

Delta Air Lines allow their customers to upgrade the tickets to higher cabin classes through 3 options. These options are direct purchase, SkyMiles, and bonus certificates. All upgrades can be done up to 3 hours prior to the flight departure. know about all the options to upgrade your flight to the first class below:

Pay to upgrade your flight

You can simply pay the fare difference or an upgrade fee to the airline. Delta first class upgrade fee depends on the ticket type you have. However, it can reach up to $350 to get an upgrade to first class.

Use your miles to get an upgrade

You can simply call Delta Reservations desk or log in online to use skymiles for an upgrade. SkyMiles can be used to upgrade a refundable ticket to first class ticket, except the basic economy one.

Bonus Certificates

Update certificates can be found as alternative benefits to Delta Platinum and Diamond elite associates. Each update certificate is good for a one-way trip, so it requires 2 certificates to update a complete round-trip flight. Platinum Medallion members can choose 4 regional certificates to upgrade the flight. However, Diamond Medallion members can choose either 4 global or 8 regional certificates to upgrade the flight.