Air canada Baggage Policy

Are you wondering what you can carry on board with you? Passengers can bring 1 personal item and 1 carry on bag for free. As Air canada baggage policy rules will be the same for all passengers who have booked their flights on Air canada, Air canada express, and Air canada rouge.

Your baggage allowance and fees depend upon the class of travel, fare type you purchased, and destination. However, if your luggage exceeds the size and weight limit then you have to pay extra charges for that. Here, you can get a review of Air canada baggage guidelines.

What is Air Canada's (AC) carry-on baggage policy?

  • Passengers can bring 1 standard bag and 1 personal article with them while traveling with Air canada in the cabin.
  • Your personal item must be under the passenger seat in front of you with the white tag.
  • Air canada allowed carry on items can be carry on bag, roller bag, briefcase, laptop bag, backpack, cat or small dog carrier, garment bag, camera bag, sports equipment (tennis, badminton), and musical instruments but these articles are selected as per their dimensions.
  • If the passenger is traveling with their infant then, as per the Air canada baggage allowance for infants will be 1 additional standard bag for child goods.
carry on baggage
  • Star alliance gold members are allowed to bring 2 carry on baggage items.
  • Montreal (YUL), Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto (YYZ) airports establish automated carry-on baggage sizers for pre-security to ensure that your luggage will fit onboard as per Air canada baggage allowance international. if these touchless machines find your baggage is not as per Air canada baggage rules then you have to pay baggage fees.
  • You are not allowed to travel with liquids and gels over 100ml in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage between connecting flights and passengers cannot take their own alcoholic liquor on Air canada board.

What is Air Canada's (AC) checked baggage policy?

Air canada checked baggage allowance will depend upon the route, class of travel you are traveling on whether it is business class or premium economy and fare you have purchased.

The checked baggage calculator will help you to determine your free checked baggage allowance but if it exceeds the limit then you have to pay the additional cost.

Passengers can pay baggage fees online, through a mobile app, and use self-service check in kiosks or at the Air canada counter if your luggage is damaged or lost, or delayed at the airport then Air canada will refund the fees.

What are Air Canada's (AC) baggage dimensions and weight?

Following are the carry on and checked baggage dimensions and weight as per Air canada baggage policy:

Carry on

Carry on standard bag size will not be more than 15.5in x 9in x 21.5in (40cmx23cmx50cm) including wheels and handles. Personal item size must be 17in x 6in x 13in (43cmx16cmx33cm). There is no weight limit for carry on baggage but it should be light enough so that, it fits under the overhead storage bin while takeoff and landing.

cabin bag dimension

Checked baggage

Passengers are allowed to carry a maximum weight for checked baggage is 32 kg (70lb) if it exceeds the weight limit then you have to pay some additional charges.

Passengers flying in any class to/from size for their checked baggage must be 292cm(115in) in linear dimensions or 203cm(80in) in length.

Military baggage

  • Active and retired military members or their dependents are allowed to bring 3 checked baggage, each bag weight up to 32 kg.
  • Air canada agent will have to see your bags tagged as military identification.
  • The baggage allowance for military members will not draw to journeys that include connecting flights with another airline. For those flights, you have to pay the baggage fees.

Extra, oversized/overweight baggage

  • If your bags are oversized or overweight according to your fare type allowance then, you have to pay extra charges for your checked baggage.
  • If the passenger is traveling with luggage that exceeds 32 kg in weight, and 203 cm in length then you have to contact the Air canada cargo.
  • For additional checked baggage you have to come 120 minutes prior to your flight at the airport.

How to add extra baggage with Air canada?

When passengers check in they can add their extra bags through the Air canada website or Air canada mobile app. you have to just log in to your booking account with your reference booking number and last name and add your extra bag by paying additional fees.

extra baggage

If you are adding an extra bag online you can add up to 45 minutes before your departure flight within canada and for other flights up to 1 hour.

If you are using Air canada self-service kiosks, you can add up to 12 hours before your departure flight.

Restricted items

Passengers are not allowed to carry these items such as poisons/toxins, explosives/flammable liquids and solids, defense/incapaciting sprays, corrosive and oxidizing materials, radioactive materials.

What are Air Canada's baggage fees

Following are the fees for checked baggage and additional baggage for one way of travel:

additional baggage fees

Checked baggage

Routes Basic and standard Comfort and flex latitude
Economy class travel within Canada 1 bag $30
2nd bag $50
1 bag free
2nd bag $50
2bags free
Economy class travel between Canada and the US 1 bag $30
2nd bag $50
1 bag free
2nd bag $50
2bags free
Economy class travel between Canada and Mexico or the Caribbean 1 bag $30
2nd bag $50
1 bag free
2nd bag $50
2bags free
Other international travel Between Canada and other international destinations Economy Basic fare on flights between Europe and Canada
All itineraries allow to bring 1 free bag
2nd bag $100
1 bag $50
2nd bag $100

Overweight and oversized bags

Routes Oversized and overweight bag fees Additional bag fees
Travel within Canada $105-$115 $105-$115
Travel between Canada and the US $100-$105 $100-$105
Travel between the U.S. and Costa, Mexico Rica, Caribbean $100-$118 $225-$265.50
Travel between Canada and other international destinations $100-$118 $225-$265.50

What is Air Canada's (AC) delayed baggage policy?

  • If a passenger cant gets their checked baggage upon arrival then, they have to contact to baggage service agent of Air canada airline immediately.
  • You have to give the information for the world tracer incident report such as your detailed description of luggage, your boarding pass, your contact details, and baggage claim stubs to the agent.
  • When airlines locate your luggage, they will arrange the delivery and make sure it reaches its destination.
  • If Air canada, Air canada express flights were delayed due to any reason then they will refund your checked baggage fees and will reimburse you for the reasonable expenses.

What is Air Canada's (AC) missing baggage policy?

if the baggage service agent can't find your bag and it is still missing after 3 days of delay then you have to fill out the baggage tracing form in the baggage issues section.

What is Air Canada's (AC) Damaged baggage policy?

  • If passengers find their baggage damaged upon arrival then you have to report to an Air canada representative and they will help you.
  • If the passenger is at the airport and finds their baggage is damaged before leaving they have to visit the Air canada baggage service counter and ask for replacement baggage.
  • If you noticed after you have left the Air canada airport then you have to make a call at the central baggage office at 1 888 689-BAGS (2247).
  • If you apply online for the claim you have to submit a damage property report and tell the baggage claim executive.
  • You must give clear pictures of your boarding pass, damaged bag, and its brand and model number.
  • Within 60 days you will get your claim for your damaged baggage.

What is Air Canada's Lost baggage policy?

Air canada is not responsible for any article lost or found on a plane or at Air canada airport. But, they give the option to fill out the online lost item form, in case they get your item they will give it back to you.