Swiss Air Cancellation Policy

Do you want to cancel your reservation and get a refund? Swiss international airlines cancellation policy is most important to understand so you can easily cancel your flight ticket without suffering any issues.

In any circumstance, if the passenger is required to cancel their plan or wants to know how can I cancel my swiss air flight or cancel a flight ticket. So here is all the information regarding the swiss flight cancellation policy.

Swiss Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Swiss airlines ticket cancellation policy will be applied to the booking done by the swiss air official portal, Swissair airport kiosk, and swiss air customer service number.
  • Swiss air cancellation policy will be applied to refundable as well as non-refundable fares. Full refund to passengers with non-refundable tickets, if canceled within the same day of booking.
  • No show fee is charged against the passenger if the passenger fails to cancel the ticket within the time frame or after the flight departure.
  • Travelers can request a refund if the flight is canceled or delayed by more than 3 hours.
  • The passenger needs to pay a Swiss air cancellation fee depending upon the route to route and if the cancellation request is raised after 24 hours of reservation.

How to Cancel Flight on Swiss Airline?


Swiss Airlines Cancel Flight Online
  • Go to the official website of Swiss Airlines.
  • Enter your login credential and sign into your account.
  • After that, visit the Manage My Bookings page.
  • Next, you need to fill in your flight booking details.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you find the cancellation tab.
  • Click on the cancellation icon to successfully cancel your Swiss Airlines flight.
  • Check your mail to get a confirmation mail by swiss air of flight cancellation.

Swiss Air flight cancellations via call

you have to contact the travel executive to cancel your flight ticket on the swiss official helpline number. Share your swiss airlines ticket details and request a cancellation with the representative after that you get the confirmation email.

Swiss Air flight cancellations at airport

Cancel Swiss Airlines Flight At Airport

you have to visit the swiss air airport on the same day of travel and head to the swiss air booking kiosk. Ask the executive to cancel the booking, keep in mind you can request cancellation 2 hours before the scheduled flight.

Swiss 24 hours Cancellation Policy

  • According to the Swiss cancellation policy, cancellation charges will be based on the duration, class, distance, etc.
  • Passengers can cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours without any cancellation fees.
  • After cancellation of the reservation, passengers can request a Swiss flight cancellation refund for more than 3 hours.
Cancel Swiss Airlines Flight 24 hours

Swiss Air Cancellation Fee

If you are canceling your flight, you have to pay $50 to $200 and for the refund process, you have to pay $100 to $200 but the charges totally depend on the routes and destinations so that you can cancel easily.

For more information, you are required to contact customer representatives who will provide you with the help within a short span of time.

Swiss Flight Cancellation Compensation

Cancel Alaska Airlines Flight Due To Covid

  • When the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours then Swiss air will offer a full refund to each passenger.
  • When Swiss Air cancels the flight due to strikes or any technical error then the following benefit is offered to each passenger:-
    1. Free drinks and food.
    2. Accommodation.
    3. Travel points for future journeys.
    4. Full refund.
  • If the flight is canceled due to bad weather, in such cases the compensation value is according to the swiss airline policy.

Frequently Asked Question's

Does Swiss Air have a free cancellation?

If you purchased your ticket within the last 24 hours or you are requesting for Swiss cancellation one week before the original departure, you are eligible for Swiss air free cancellation.

How much is the refund for Swiss Airlines ticket cancellation?

As per swiss air refund policy, the passengers will get a refund for canceling or might be charged a cancellation fee depending on the type of ticket purchased by them.

What happens if I cancel a Swiss Air nonrefundable flight ticket?

As per the Swiss air flight cancellation policy, to cancel a Swiss non-refundable ticket you have to pay some amount of price depending on the type of fare, length of the flight, and location. The remaining fare will be transferred to your e-credit for future use on swiss flights.

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