Southwest Airlines is the best Airline among all other major carriers that guarantee safe and cheap travel for unaccompanied minors or children flying alone without parents or a legal guardian. Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy assures your child's quality assistance and keeps extra care during the flight and even after reaching the destination airport. Southwest age to fly alone as unaccompanied minor falls into the age group from 5 to 11 without a companion flying along of 12 years or above age.

Southwest Airlines allows unaccompanied minors to fly alone on non-stop Southwest flights or the airline without a flight change option. As per the Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy, unaccompanied minors cannot travel on international flights.

Southwest Air UMNR Rules & Guidelines

Southwest Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy Rules & Guidelines
  • You need to fill a Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Form for the guardian or parent picking up the child at the destination airport and the one who is dropping off the minor at the airport.
  • Children above 12 years to 17 years of age travel independently under Southwest Young Traveler Policy.
  • Age proof such as a birth certificate or valid ID proof is mandatory to avail of the benefits of Southwest Airlines' unaccompanied minor travel.
  • Parents or guardians must wait at the gate at the airport till the flight takes off.
  • Similarly, the guardian should reach the destination airport 45 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the flight.

How To Book A Southwest Airlines For Unaccompanied Minor?

Southwest Airlines' unaccompanied minor tickets easily get booked by various modes such as online through the website or Southwest app, via the Southwest Airlines customer service center, or at the airport kiosk. Similarly, Southwest Airlines' unaccompanied minor booking is very simple and easy even with Southwest rapid rewards or points.


  • Firstly, Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines or go to the Southwest Airlines app.
  • Secondly, Fill in the details of the origin of flight and destination along with the date of travel.
  • Select flights (domestic, non-stop flights).
  • Fill in all the passenger details required to complete the Southwest reservations.
  • Complete the booking by paying the Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee.
  • Finally, Once the booking gets complete you will receive a Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Form to fill in the guardian details and time of check-in and pick-up to and from the airport.
Southwest Airlines Online

Through Phone

  • Dial Southwest Airlines Service Customer Care Number for unaccompanied minor ticket booking on +1-888-526-4112.
  • You will get connected to the live Southwest executive.
  • Request for unaccompanied minor by providing all the passenger details as asked for.
  • Select the payment mode and help the representative to complete the booking with ease.
  • The Unaccompanied Minor From will be filled out by the customer care executive on the guardian's behalf.
  • Then you need to complete the process by providing the ID requirements for minors through the registered email address.

At The Airport

It is quite common that parents to get nervous about their children flying alone. The thing is quite obvious that making the booking with Southwest Airlines at the airport makes the parents confident enough to send their kids alone to travel on Southwest Airlines. The tickets should get booked up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Keep all the documents with you for successful flight booking to provide your kid hassle-free travel experience. Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Documentation is:

  • Printout of the boarding pass and booking confirmation.
  • Photocopy of birth certificate of the children traveling alone.
  • Copy of Unaccompanied minor form.

Requirments To Make Booking For Minor

  • Child's Full Name, address, and date of birth.
  • Guardian's relationship to the child.
  • Guardian's information picking up the child from the destination airport.
  • Contact Information including area code.
  • Passport.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • State Federal ID.

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Southwest Airlines Minor Fee
  • Southwest Airlines Fee charges for unaccompanied minors are $50 for one-side travel and $100 for a round trip in addition to the general Southwest airfare.
  • Moreover, Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Fees are refundable on flight cancelation and flight change if not rebooked within time.
  • The Fees get refunded and get added as travel funds to your account for future booking use.
  • The Southwest fee for an unaccompanied minor at so young age to fly alone is a lot cheaper than other Airlines.
  • Hence, you can save your money and can book a safe and cheap ticket with Southwest Airlines for an unaccompanied minor.
Unaccompanied Minor’s Age At The Time Of Travel Travel Permit Minor Service Fees
5-11 Years Permitted $50 each way
$100 for roundtrip
11-17 Years
(Young Travelers)
Permitted $50 each way
$100 for roundtrip

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Phone Number

Southwest Unaccompanied Minor customer care helps in booking, flight change, or cancellation with ease and in a few minutes. To avail of Southwest Flights assistance, call 1-888-526-4112. Moreover, you can take advantage of other most flexible and comfortable benefits.

Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Service Details and Tips


Your child will not get meals in-flight as Southwest Airlines does not offer meals but they provide light snacks. You can pack food for your child or you can purchase food for them at the airport.


Pack a tab, some games, toys, or story books to keep your child busy and entertained during the flight. Because Southwest Airlines does not provide the best entertainment facilities in flight.


You cannot send pets with your unaccompanied minor on Southwest Airlines. Consequently, this airline does not allow pets with unaccompanied minors. Baggage Allowance is also different for unaccompanied minor travel tickets.


Valid ID proof and Southwest Unaccompanied Minor documentation should be presented by the guardian or parent of the child traveling alone. Minors cannot check in online or at the kiosk on their own as per the Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy. Therefore, parents must accompany the child till the check-in and send a copy of the unaccompanied minor form with their child.

Seat Selection

Priority boarding is available for an unaccompanied minor. So, they can select their seats as per the availability of more legroom space or window side view depending on the booking class such as Southwest Business Class, First-class, or Economy.


Southwest Airlines Boarding

Unaccompanied minors from 5 to 11 years of age to fly alone are accompanied by the Southwest Flights attendants for boarding, during the entire flight, and till someone picks the children from the destination airport.

Frequently Asked Question's

Children between the age group of 5 to 11 years are considered Unaccompanied minors on Southwest Airlines. The children from the 12 to 17 age group are considered “Young Travelers” but they can also travel as unaccompanied minors by paying the additional minor travel fee.

You can book travel for your child without worries by dialing 1-888-526-4112. You can request Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Customer Care executive for an easy flight booking for your child flying alone.

Yes, children can board the plane on a priority basis for a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Yes, but the children between the age group of 12 to 17 years are considered Young travelers. But, you can select the option of flying as an unaccompanied minor for their safe journey. Meanwhile, you will be required to pay the Southwest unaccompanied minor fee as per their policy.

Southwest Airlines charges $50 for one-way travel and $100 for a round trip for children traveling alone or as unaccompanied minors. You will be required to pay a general fee plus the additional unaccompanied minor charges for Southwest Airlines ticket booking.

  • Birth Certificate.
  • State Federal ID.
  • Passport.
  • Address Proof.
US +1-888-209-7088