Before you reserve you seat and fly find out how much baggage you can carry onboard according to the class and type of flight and also according to the destination.

Emirates Cabin Baggage

There is a set of rules regarding the baggage that you carry along inside the baggage. The cabin allowance can vary according to the route, seat class, and Emirates Airlines Skywards membership tier. You can carry 7kgs of weight in Economy class and the dimensions must not exceed 55 by 38 by 20cm. For Business and First Class, you can carry 7 kgs carry and 7kgs in a briefcase of a garment bag. The dimensions of the briefcase must not exceed 45 by 35 by 20 cm and of the handbag must not exceed 55 by 38 by 20 cm. If you are traveling with infants you can carrycot or a fully collapsible stroller only if there’s a space in the cabin otherwise these items will be checked. Duty-free purchases like perfumes, cigarettes, and alcohol are also permitted but due to liquid restrictions in certain airports, you may find it difficult to carry liquor along. The cabin luggage must fit either under the seat or in the overhead locker. Liquids like pastes, lotions, drinks, and creams can only be carried in containers no more than 100 ml.

Emirates Checked Baggage

The Emirates Airlines free baggage allowance is based on the total amount of weight or the number of luggage pieces you are carrying. The piece concept only applies to the flight to and from America and Africa and the weight concept applies to the other routes. The weight concept is based on the class of ticket. For the First class, the baggage allowance is 50 kgs and for Business Class it is 40 kgs. For the Economy special the allowance is 20kg, for the Economy saver, it is 25 kg and for Economy Plus and Flex Plus, it is 30kgs and 35kgs respectively. The dimensions for the bags must not exceed 300cm(118 inches) The piece concept of the Americas and Africa is also based on the Emirates Air Lines class of travel. For economy class, you can carry one piece of up to 23 kgs in Economy special and two pieces for up to 23 kgs each for Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus. For Business Class you can carry two pieces of up to 32kgs each and the same goes for First Class.