United Airline Cancellation Policy

If you booked a flight on United Airlines and want to cancel it, you must have knowledge about every rule, terms, and condition of the United Airlines flight cancellation policy.

If the vacation to a certain destination is decided by you but your plans get changed, United Airlines allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours before your itinerary begins.

Here is all the information regarding United Airlines' cancellation policy 2022.

How to cancel a reservation on United Airlines?

Cancel flight Online

Cancel united Airlines Flight online
  • Visit the United Airlines website.
  • Go to my trips and you will be asked to fill following details:
    1. Confirmation number or MileagePlus number
    2. Last Name
  • Click on the search button.
  • After login into your United Airlines account, then select manage, and from all options choose cancel options to the extreme right.
  • Select the flight you want to cancel and click on the cancel tab.
  • Now you will receive a United Airlines cancellation e-credit after deducting the cancellation fee.

Cancel flight at the United Airport

You have to visit the airport and request to cancel the flight up to 3 hours prior to departure.

united Airlines Cancel Flight At The Airport

Cancel flight via call

You can contact +1-888-526-4112 to the air counter executive to cancel the United flight but passengers must have a booking confirmation number with them. To cancel the flight they need to pay some cancellation charges over the phone.

united Airlines Cancel Flight via call

United Airlines Cancellation Policy using Miles

  • If you book your ticket with United MileagePlus miles, you can cancel your flight online or by calling customer service.
  • To cancel an award ticket 30 days or less before departure and have the points redeposited, you’ll pay a fee but if you cancel at most 31 days prior to departure there will be no fees.
  • For general members, the United miles redeposit fee is $125.
  • For elite members, fees can go as low as $50 for Premier Platinum and are free for Premier 1K members.

United 24-hour Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellation takes place during the same day of the reservation, cancel the United flight within 24 hours passengers don't need to pay any fees to United Airlines and get a full refund to the passenger's account within 7 days, as the per United flight cancellation policy.
  • United Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours is also applicable on the Basic economy if you cancel the ticket within the timeframe.
  • Any PNR greater than 9 passengers is not covered under the 24-hour cancellation. It would be subject to a group contract according to United Airlines' group travel cancellation policy.
  • Except for the flight reservation made with a United Gift Certificate, which will be credited back in electronic travel certificates, refund requests will be done in the original payment method.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy after 24 hours

Cancellation rules might be different depending on the ticket type you purchased in case of cancellation proceed more than 24 hours after booking.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Basic Economy:

United Airlines will not allow you to cancel a basic economy ticket unless it is within 24 hours from the time it was purchased.

Refundable Tickets:

If the ticket purchased is refundable, you can cancel the flight and get a refund within 7 days to your credit card.

Non-Refundable Tickets:

Non-refundable tickets of United Airlines are not going to get cash back; you have to pay a certain amount for cancellation fees.

After you pay the cancellation fee, you can apply the unused value of your ticket toward a future trip with United Airlines.

United Award Cancellation Policy:

  • If you redeemed MileagePlus miles for your flight and want to cancel your flight, you have the option to use the miles or redeposit the points for the next trip in the future.
  • If you choose to redeposit your miles for a flight departing in 30 days or less, redeposit fees will apply.
  • If you cancel your flight 31 or more days before departure, you don't need to pay any kind of fees and have your miles redeposited.

United Airlines cancellation policy due to illness or death:

The United Airlines ticket cancellation policy allows full refunds in case of death, or certain kinds of illnesses. The policy covers all types of tickets whether purchased by cash, credit card, or check, as well as award tickets.

United flight cancellation fee

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

Tickets Cancellation charges
Basic economy Not allowed
Refundable ticket $0
Non-refundable ticket For United Airlines cancellation policy international flight fees: upto $400 depending on the class of cabin.
United Airlines domestic flight cancellation policy cost: $200.
Award ticket It varies to general member, premier silver, premier gold, premier platinum, and premier 1k.

United Airlines Cancellation Compensation

According to United air cancellation policy, passengers are entitled to receive compensation if a flight has been delayed, or canceled due to being overboard, or denied boarding.

Compensation will be determined by various factors, like the length of the delay, where you’re flying to and from, and the cause of the delay.

New Flight Arrival Time Compensation For Delayed Flights
Within 1 hour of original arrival None
Between 1 and 3 hours after original arrival $675
More than 3 hours after original arrival $1350

Flight distance Compensation for denied boarding Compensation for flight canceled
Less than 1,500 km $150 $300
Between 1500 km and 3500 km $200 $400
More than 3500 Km $300 $600

United Airlines Refund

To check the status of your refund:

  • Go to the official website and open the refunds page.
  • Click on the Check status tab on the right.
  • Fill in your details:
    1. Last name
    2. Ticket or tracking number
  • Click on the Check status button.
  • Your refund status will appear.

Frequently Asked Question's

What is United Airlines' cancellation policy?

As per united cancellation policy.

  • United Air cancellation policy only applies to tickets purchased directly from the United Airlines portal or from airport counters.
  • Passengers can cancel their ticket within 24 hours after reservation to avoid a cancellation fee.
  • They will charge you a cancellation fee after 24 hours, but you can avoid this if you purchase a refundable ticket.
  • When it comes to non-refundable tickets, passengers have only 24 hours from the time of purchase to cancel. If they exceed that period, they must pay a cancellation fee.
  • If a passenger uses a United gift certificate to purchase a flight ticket, the refund is issued in an electronic travel voucher, future flight credits, and United travel bank credits.

Can I cancel my United flight for free?

Passengers can cancel their ticket within 24 hours after booking to avoid a cancellation fee, according to United Airlines' free cancellation policy.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my United flight?

Yes, everyone can cancel the United flight and get a refund but.

  • If you cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, then we are eligible to get the full refund.
  • If you cancel a flight after 24 hours of reservation, there is a certain amount of fees that is deducted from the booking charges.

Can I cancel my United Airline ticket?

Yes, you can cancel your United Airlines flight.

  • If you have purchased a refundable ticket, you can cancel it any time before your flight departure.
  • If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, you will have to pay USD 200 as cancellation charges for a domestic ticket and up to USD 400 for an international ticket, depending on your route and fare type.
  • Basic Economy tickets cannot be canceled after the 24-hour.

What are the fees for United Airlines cancellation policy award travel?

If you are canceling a United award ticket at least 61 days before departure, you have to pay.

  • USD 75 if you’re a general member.
  • USD 50 if you’re a Silver member.
  • USD 25 if you’re a Gold member.
  • USD 0 if you’re a Platinum or 1K member.

If you are canceling your flight within 60 days of departure, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

  • USD 125 if you’re a general member.
  • USD 100 if you’re a Silver member.
  • USD 75 if you’re a Gold member.
  • USD 50 if you’re a Platinum member.
  • USD 0 if you’re a 1K member.

What is the United Airlines Flight cancellation customer service number?

Passengers can contact united Airlines representative at their customer care service number +1-888-526-4112. They will provide you with a complete guide about the united flight cancellation policy.

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