You can do American airlines check-in online through the app, web or by visiting the official website or also on the airport itself. You must keep your confirmation number with yourself while checking in.

If you are checking in through the mobile app or through the web then you can do online check in 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before the departure of your flight. Read through the following article to know abot your flight status and further requirments.

American Airlines Online Check in
  • Ameriican Airlines let’s you checkk in through it’s mobile app or website which is
  • If you check in online through the American airlines reservations app, then generate a digital boarding pass within your mobile wallet.
  • First step is to choose the online check-in option where you fill your name and your six digit confirmation number.
  • Then by selecting ‘check-in’ on the left corner your check in process will start.
  • Then you agree to the materials policy and you can also purchase additional miles for your trip.
  • Then you can select or modify your seat on the plane.
  • When you are done selecting your seat, visit baggage check in section and pay baggage fees.
  • Then you have an option of printing your boarding pass, emailing it on your phone or you can also save a PDF of your boarding pass.

  • American Airlines Flight Check in
  • You can check-in at the ticket counter inside the airport.
  • You must reach few hours before the time of your departure so that you have enough time to check-in if you’re travelling with or even without bags for any category, whether Basic Economy or premium economy
  • For flights within the U.S. American airlines check time at the airport is 1.5 hours before the departure.
  • For flights outside the U.S. you must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure.
  • You can use curbside check-in to speed up the check-in process. In curbside check-in you can get your boarding pass and you can hand over your luggage outside the airport terminal building.
  • If you are with a pet, please arrive at least 2 hours before your trip.
  • Also, some airports have self service kiosks which makes the check-in or cancellation process faster.

  • American Airlines Mobile Boarding Pass

    American Air mobile boarding pass is extremely convenient. You can save time as well as paper. It is very easy to use as when you get your boarding pass you can scan the barcode on the screen at the airport security checkpoints during boarding. You can use your mobile boarding pass at almost all the airports. Steps to get your mobile boarding pass:-

  • Firstly you need to do online check in on and choose ‘Email with mobile option’.
  • Then you can follow the link to get your boarding pass.
  • Next step is to save the boarding pass in your device so that it is easily accessible.
  • You also have an option of checking in through American Airlines app in which you can save your boarding pass in your device itself.
  • You need to make sure that your entire barcode is visible on the screen while showing it to the security.

  • Travelling documents Required

    You must carry the following documents while checking in:-

  • For international flights you must carry your passport.
  • A valid photo ID(driver’s license or other government issued ID)