Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

You have already booked a flight months or days back, and your plan changes. Although there is no need to worry, change your flight with a few easy steps. You can still change your flight hassle-free without an airline change fee. However you will need to pay the difference in charges if any. To receive the credit amount you need to go through the Alaska airlines flight change policy terms and conditions while changing flights after booking.

  • No Alaska airlines change fee is charged for making flight changes, but any difference in fare is applicable.
  • Flight changes on the same day with confirmation are possible with no change fee to the check-in window, online, by calling airport customer service, or at the airport kiosk by selecting change flight as an option.
  • Select a flight on Alaska Airlines with a departure on the same calendar day.
  • You must keep the same departure, destination, and connection cities while changing flights. Alaska airlines don’t permit terminal change.
  • Travelers with vacation packages are not eligible for same-day flight changes.
  • Passengers traveling through group reservations can make same-day flight bookings on group reservation desks only. This is purely as per the Alaska airlines change policy rules.
  • You can reschedule your flight if you are unable to catch up with the departure time of your flight. According to the Alaska airlines flight change policy you need to make flight changes earlier than flight departure. Then only you can receive future travel credit.

How To Change A Flight With Alaska Airlines Online?

change Alaska Airlines Flight

Changing flights with Alaska airlines is different for different types of fares – Saver fare, main cabin, first-class fare, and companion fare. In contrast Alaska Airlines’ Saver fare is the most restricted type of fare. Therefore, changing a flight schedule is not eligible for saver fare bookings. Indeed, canceling the flight and getting a refund for the ticket is possible.

Main cabins on Alaska airlines are more flexible with more options as compared to saver fares. On the other hand, First-class bookings provide the bulk amenities with the most comfort. Alaska airlines apply no change fee on the main cabin and first-class flight change.

Change A Flight In Main-Cabin & First Class

  • Visit the official website of Alaska airlines.
  • Fill in the details, passenger’s last name, and confirmation number (number received on reservation).
  • Select the flight you would like to change.
  • Choose a new flight. (any differences in-flight charges will get displayed on the right side of the screen).
  • After finalizing the changes click on continue. You will receive a confirmation email after the completion of the changes.

Change A Companion Fare Flight

Alaska Airlines Flight Change With Companion Fare

  • Visit the official website.
  • Fill in the details of the passenger, last name, and confirmation number.
  • Select the option "make changes to this trip".
  • A companion discount will automatically apply to your new booking.
  • Select a new flight. differences in-flight charges will get displayed on the right side of the screen).
  • Press continue to finalize and pay the charges.
  • Receive confirmation of changes via email.

What is the Alaska Airlines flight change policy after 24 hours?

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy After 24 Hours

If you have already purchased a flight ticket and you suddenly change your mind. Likewise you can make changes to the flight within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket with no change fee.

If you make changes in flight on the same day of departure, Alaska airlines will charge some amount depending on the selection of fare type and the difference in fare may also apply.

Select any flight or seat of your choice without change fee and enjoy the freedom of travel experience with Alaska airlines. You can also book a new trip with the same amount of this trip as per the Alaska airline flight change guidelines.


Alaska Airlines Customer Care Service

To avail change, cancellation or booking Alaska airlines assistance , call 1-888-526-4112. Moreover, you can take advantage of other most flexible and comfortable benefits.

What Is The Cost To Make A Same Day Flight Change On Alaska Airlines?

Same Day Flight Change On Alaska Airlines.png

Passengers traveling in First class or main cabin have the flexible option of changing flight tickets with no change fee, regardless of selected ticket type. Moreover you cannot upgrade your ticket on Alaska airlines from saver ticket type to first class or main cabin as per the ticket change policy on Alaska airlines.

Ticket Type Change Fee
Saver Change Not Permitted
Main Cabin $0
First Class (Non-Refundable) $0
First Class (Refundable) $0
Same Day Changes $50 for all other flights
$25 for flights traveling entirely
in california

Frequently Asked Question's

Can I change a Saver ticket within 24 hours of booking on Alaska airlines?

You could not change a Saver ticket at any point with Alaska airlines, not even at the 24-hour window. Your only choice is to cancel the ticket and rebook. Since this is still inside the 24-hour window, you won’t be charged a retraction expense and will get a complete refund for your ticket cancellation.

Can I change a flight that is already booked?

Yes, you can reschedule or change your flight on the same calendar day as your booking and before the departure of the previously booked flight. With Alaska Airlines, you can change your flight without paying any change fee, but the additional charges may apply as per the ticket fare of the new flight.

In fact, you can make changes to your flight even 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your flight departure. If you are making changes to your reservation before 24 hours of departure, make sure to check-in for your new booking after making changes.

What if I miss my Alaska Airlines flight?

If you fail to show up before the departure of your booked flight, there is a no-show policy on Alaska airlines. In brief, you will not receive any refund or credit, and all your continuing return bookings, stay, and rental car will be dismissed. If you fail to reach on time before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

What is the Alaska airline’s flight change contact number?

If your reservation is not eligible for online flight changes or you need customer care assistance you can call on 1-888-526-4112 for an easy Alaska airlines flight change.

Can you change an Alaska Airlines flight booked using miles?

Yes, it depends upon the credit amount which Alaska has. Flight Changes to Alaska flights booked with reward points are free of cost. It is possible to pay additional charges for additional few miles if the fare for your current flight is more. Subsequently, if your new flight fare is less than the previous one, you’ll be able to receive the miles back to Your Mileage Plan account.

Can I get miles added or a credit on a non-refundable First class booking?

If you change or cancel a non-refundable First class booking there will be no credit or miles addition in your Mileage plan. Therefore you will not be eligible for receiving the benefits of mileage plans on non-refundable tickets with Alaska airlines.

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