If you have already booked your flight with Lufthansa, no worries. You can still change your flight rather than Cancel your Lufthansa Flight if your plan gets revised. This airline helps you to modify your travel plans comfortably and flexibly with its Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy. For instance, Passengers can change their Lufthansa Airlines flight’s travel date, name and time, etc. There is no flight change fee with the Lufthansa Air line if you are making changes within 24 hours of your flight booking. Otherwise, you will have to pay a changing fee according to the type of your booking.

Flight Changing fee varies with Lufthansa Airlines depending on different ticket types. You can change flights with Lufthansa by two options. You can also change your American Airline Flight for Unaccompanied Minor comfortably with a similar process in a few easy steps. Here we are going to discuss how to change flights with Lufthansa easily and affordably.

How Can I Change My Lufthansa Flight?

You can request flight changes or make amendments by online mode through the website or the Lufthansa Airlines app. The second way is to raise a request for changes via offline mode. Passengers can modify, reschedule or rebook their Lufthansa Airline Flight Booking by the below-mentioned easy steps for making changes. All the changes are permitted according to the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy. You can select any option out of these for flight change as per your convenience.

Lufthansa Change Flights Via Online Mode:

change lufthansa flight online

This is the most comfortable and easiest way to change your flight with Lufthansa. You can make changes on Lufthansa flights in a few clicks by sitting at your home and the process is done. Passengers can enjoy making the change to their Lufthansa Booking Online, or cancel their flight in a few steps online. This method to Change Lufthansa Flight Online is the most convenient and easiest way with a few steps:

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines or visit the app for Lufthansa Flights Change Online.
  • Click on the Menu in the right-hand side corner.
  • Find out the "Book & Manage" option on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the "View & amend flight details".
  • Log in to your account in a new window with passenger credentials: Lufthansa ID, Booking code, or Miles & more.
  • After logging in, make all the changes in your flight, and choose a new flight that is suitable for you.
  • Pay the difference in fare (if any), you will get the confirmation of a new flight booking through email or by phone.

Lufthansa Change Flights By Offline Mode:

This traditional method of easy booking is convenient for some of the passengers. They find offline booking comfortable and reliable. Lufthansa Airlines provides the facility of offline booking at the airport kiosk. You can visit the Lufthansa Customer Service at the Airport. Also, request the Airport’s dedicated staff will also help you to change your flight booking with ease.

Lufthansa Change Flights Through Phone:

flight change through phone

You can contact Lufthansa Customer Care Service for an easy flight change without putting much effort to manage your reservation. While making a call keep all the passenger details ready to tell the Lufthansa Airlines customer care representative for the Lufthansa Flights Change Process. You can also make Lufthansa Airline ticket booking offline for new flights at the nearest airport from the Kiosk.

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee

lufthansa flight change fee

All the Flight changes depend on the terms and conditions of the ticket type the passenger has purchased with Lufthansa Airlines. The flight change fee is different for each booking class with Lufthansa such as Lufthansa Airline Business Class, Lufthansa Premium Economy, or First Class. As per the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy, you can also change the flight route depending on the ticket type. You can change your flight or even upgrade your seat as per the Lufthansa Seat Selection Policy. Moreover, you will need to pay the difference between the new booking and the previous booking.

  • The Flight Change Cost varies for changing flight booking with Lufthansa between $200-$1000, depending upon the time of flight change, ticket type, and a lot of terms and conditions.
  • You can Change Lufthansa Booking for free with a complete refund within 24 hours of your reservation as per Lufthansa 24 Hours Cancellation Policy. But this is mainly subject to ticket type.

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

You can Modify Booking, change a reservation, change the flight date online, change the seat, reschedule the booking, and a lot of services with Lufthansa Airlines. According to the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy, you can make the changes to your booking on the same day of your booking or within 24 hours of reservation for free. If you have made the flight booking along with your pet animals, still you can change flights and rebook a flight with the same additional services.

Moreover, You can also upgrade your seat by paying an additional fee or difference in the fare of ticket type. Even if your Lufthansa booking is non-refundable or you want to make changes to the Lufthansa business class ticket booking with Lufthansa, you are required to pay a change fee according to the ticket type.

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change

With Lufthansa Air, you get a flexible option of making changes to your flight’s booking on the same day of due take off of the flight. Make sure to change your flight, ticket date, or details one hour before the scheduled departure of your pre-booked Lufthansa flight. You can change the schedule of your flight also at the time of check-in on Lufthansa Airlines.

  • The new Flight selected by the passenger must be on the same route and the take-off airport, flight route and destination must be the same for Lufthansa cheap flights to rebook.
  • If the traveler has already completed the check-in process by any mode (offline or online), he cannot make any changes to his flight if wants to prepone his flight.
  • There is no change fee even if you are making the changes on the Same Day of the Flight with Lufthansa.
  • Any difference in the charges while doing the change of reservation to Lufthansa Flight Booking is to be paid by the passenger.

Change Name On Lufthansa

Lufthansa does not allow passengers to change their name after the booking unless there are changes in their legal name such as surname or new name. Are you wondering, how to change my name on a Lufthansa Airline flight ticket? It is possible with easy steps only if you have a strong valid reason for a name change. Otherwise, a name change from one person to another is not permissible with Lufthansa Air.

  • Legal proof of name change documents is required such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Court Order.
  • Passengers traveling with miles and more have the option to make changes to their name or personal information (documents required).
  • You can alter your personal information by contacting Lufthansa Customer Service only.
  • Complete payment if any, and receive the name change confirmation through email.

If you have completed the flight booking with Lufthansa Airlines miles. Also want to change the name on the ticket. Lufthansa Air allows for Name Correction through their official website. It is also a good option if you have entered the wrong name on the ticket while making the reservation.

  • Visit Lufthansa Website.
  • Go to Login, Fill in all the respective credentials.
  • You can log in by two methods: Lufthansa Id and Miles & More.
  • After Login, press on your name and click on “My Account”
  • Scroll down and select “Edit”, and make desirable changes.
  • At Last, press “Save Changes.”

Lufthansa Change Flight Date

Travel plans change. It is quite normal. So, you can change the Flight Date online as well as offline. If you are looking for, how to change the flight date on your Lufthansa Airlines ticket? To make changes to Flight Date online, you need to follow these steps.

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines, or you can also use their mobile app.
  • Head over to the My Bookings tab, and fill up all the passenger’s credentials: first name, last name, and the booking code.
  • Now, press the “Find Bookings” option to fetch your Lufthansa bookings, and then search for the Flight Change option.
  • Hereafter, follow all the onscreen instructions to book new flights or change flight dates on Lufthansa.
  • Lastly, pay the flight change fee and the fare difference (if applicable).

Flight Date change fees/charges – If you are making changes to the flight date after 24 hours of booking, you will need to pay charges as per the selected ticket fare.

  • €50-70 and $60
  • €150-220 for Flight Changes on the Same-Day Award fare type.

For offline changes. You can visit the airport kiosk or contact the customer care services of the Lufthansa Airline.

Change Lufthansa Flight Destination

Lufthansa does not permit you to change Flight Destination, but you can cancel and rebook your flight to the desired destination. However, you can cancel the flight online by visiting the official portal of Lufthansa. Selecting the “View & Amend flight details”. Login and keep all the login credentials ready to cancel and rebook your flight. Moreover, you can select the suitable flight and destination, seat type, add baggage, or meals, and complete your booking after payment.

Lufthansa Change Return Flight Ticket

You can change your return flight date or time only after the departure of your current Lufthansa Airlines flight. You may need to pay additional charges for your return flight if there are any extra charges. You can contact customer care Services directly for a comfortable and hassle-free Lufthansa flight change. Otherwise, you can make the changes online or through the Lufthansa app. Provide your six-digit PNR ticket number and request for change or cancellation of your flight ticket.

Postpone Lufthansa Flight

If you decide to postpone your Flight with Lufthansa, you may receive a monetarily refund or miles credit to your account for future bookings. You are eligible to use this credit within a 1 year time period from the original date of booking.

Ensuring Good Customer Service

lufthansa customer care

You can contact Lufthansa live customer service assistance through email or by making a phone call on +1-888-526-4112. You can reach out to them for an easy change, cancel, book, or modify your ticket. You can easily know the status of your booking by contacting assistance.

How Do I Reschedule My Flight With Lufthansa Airlines?

You can reschedule your flight with Lufthansa Airlines with ease by paying additional flight charges according to your ticket type. Moreover, passengers have a specific time frame for rebooking a flight. You can reschedule your flights to various destinations under the Lufthansa Flight Change Guidelines only. Make sure the departure of the new flight is within the next 14 days to 50 days as per the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy. Therefore, you can reschedule your flight by visiting the Lufthansa Airlines website as per the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy, below mentioned a few steps:

  • On the homepage of the website, Passengers are required to look for the ‘My Trips’ section.
  • Once you locate it, select the ‘Manage my booking’ option. Proceed further and fill in the respective details to get access to your reservation.
  • Enter the Reservation ID and last name.
  • Hit the 'Continue' button.
  • You will be redirected to another page, where you can see your booking made with Lufthansa.
  • Select the reservation that you want to reschedule and then press on the 'Change Flight' option.
  • Select the 'Reschedule Flight' option and proceed with instructions.
  • Complete the payment (if applicable) and it's done.

Frequently Asked Question's

Yes, you can make changes to your flight booking even after check-in until one hour prior to your flight’s scheduled departure. If you make any changes to the Lufthansa flight 30 minutes before the departure time of your flight, Lufthansa Airlines will forfeit you. Change fee is applicable after 24 hours of your booking.

You can change your booking till 1 hour before the due departure of the Lufthansa flight. Additionally, to get a complete refund without an extra change fee make changes within 24 hours of booking with Lufthansa.

Lufthansa gives passengers the freedom to modify their travels as they wish. However, changing an international flight can cost you an extra change fee of $250 -$1000. The price difference may arise because of the difference in the prices of the original & rebooked Lufthansa flight fare, and fare difference while seat up-gradation.

No, Lufthansa does not allow passengers to rebook or upgrade a ticket booked with an Economy fare. However, you can upgrade or make changes to any other ticket fare above Economy class.

Passengers are encouraged to cancel or change their tickets at the time of COVID-19 at zero cost change fee regardless of the ticket type passenger has booked. To make your travel plans more comfortable and flexible Lufthansa has waived off the change fee at the time of the pandemic or if you are changing/canceling the flight because of COVID.

If there is a flight delay from Lufthansa of more than 3 hours, you can make changes to your flight at the kiosk or request a flight change at the counter without any change fee. Moreover, In this case, you can reschedule a flight at no cost till 7 days from the original departure of your original flight.

  • Yes for the below-mentioned reasons, the Lufthansa Air flight change is free of charge.
  • If Lufthansa changes the flight schedule when 3 hours are left for your original flight departure.
  • If Lufthansa Airlines has canceled your flight due to their reasons or passenger's security.
  • If your scheduled flight is delayed for more than 3 hours.
  • If you have a valid reason for not taking up the flight such as the death of a near and dear one, or a family member.

Lufthasna Airlines offers its passengers the time of 24 hours to change their flights for free. You can even modify or reschedule your ticket within 24 hours. If you missed out on the time period of 24 hours to make Lufthansa Flight changes, you are supposed to pay a change fee.

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