American Airlines Pet Policy

Do you also have queries regarding the American Airlines Pet Policy? Do you also want to know the rules and regulations related to American Airlines? We are here to guide you about each and everything related to the pet travel policy of American Airlines and how you can book a flight for yourself and your pet animal. As per the American Airlines Pet Policy, you can travel with your emotional support animal (ESA) or service dog for free if they do not block the aisle. On American Airlines person traveling with a pet is not permitted to sit on the emergency exit row. To travel with your emotional support animal on American Airlines you must carry all the necessary documents.

What Is The American Airline Pet Policy 2022?

American Airlines Pet Policy 2022

American Airlines allows in a total of 7 kennels on American airline flights and 5 kennels on American eagle flights. And should be checked in as early as possible as the airline follows the first come first served method.

Contact the American Airlines customer care team to confirm your booking. American Airlines restrict the traveling of pets if the temperature goes above 85 degrees Fahrenheit and below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You must go through the American Airlines Pet Policy tips and tricks as sometimes American Airlines does not grant permission to emotionally support animals.

One person is allowed to carry two pets in the cabin. American Airlines Pet Policy in the cabin has different fee structures depending upon the ticket type and route of travel. American Airlines Pet Policy makes sure that your pet is safe and secure for travel.

Pet In-Cabin Policy

According to the American Airlines Animal Policy, small dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin. American Airlines pet policy in-cabin states if it's a domestic flight the pet age should be at least 8 weeks and if the pet is traveling to the US from another country i.e. international flight then it should be 16 weeks. Moreover, if you cancel your flight then, your pet can not travel in cabin.

As per American Airlines baggage weight policy, pet weight should not exceed 9kg. Trained animals can travel free of a service cost on in-cabin flights. Pets have to stay in their kennels only. You cannot keep your pet on your lap or on the seat, he should remain inside the pet carrier while flying on American Airlines. On American Airlines flying with pets is a very comfortable and great experience. On international flights, a health certificate is necessary.

American Airline Pet Policy In Cabin

Your small puppy or cat traveling on American Airlines must remain inside the carrier and below the seat in front of you for the entire journey. According to the American Airlines Pet Policy in the cabin the carrier carrying your dog or cat must have a waterproof bottom, having sufficient space for your pet to move around and sit comfortably with proper ventilation. American Airlines pet carrier size for in cabin must be 19in X 13in X 9in. The carrier must fit properly below the seat in front of you.

In Cabin Pet Restrictions

Pets traveling on American Airlines are not allowed to travel on First Class or Business Class on the following aircrafts 757-L, 757-EW, 767, 787-8, 787-9, 777-200, 777-300, Airbus A330-200, or A330-300. Also, dogs, cats, and even birds are not allowed to travel to Hawaii. They are permitted to travel to most of the US destinations, Mexico, Alaska, Puerto Rico, St, Croix, and Central America, and on flights longer than 11 hours.

Check-In and Form Requirements

Passengers flying with a pet on American Airlines check in at the passenger counter and not at the curbside. The Pet carrier passes through the metallic machine without the pet inside for checking.

As per the American Airlines Pet Policy, a pet health certificate is not compulsory for animals traveling in the cabin. But, you should keep all the health and vaccination certificates with you as you may require them in case of any trouble during your journey. Sometimes, the terms and conditions are different at the destination airport.

Pet Fee In Cabin

$125 is the pet fee for in-cabin travel on American Airlines. The pet carrier will be considered a carry-on baggage item. Service Animal and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) can travel with no pet fees according to the American Airlines ESA Policy.

Checked baggage

American Airlines permits only two pets in its baggage policy. Pet weight limit should not exceed 45kg/99lb. Two dogs and a cat between the age of 8 weeks and 6 months old of the same species. The health certificate is necessary under baggage policy and it must be issued within 10 days of the travel date.

American airline In-cargo pet policy

American airlines serve a pet policy if the flight hour is less than 12hrs and the weight can be up to 100lbs as per the American Airlines Pet Policy Cargo.

The age of the pet should be more than 8 weeks. American Airlines stopped accepting Series 100 for pet carriers.

Submit the documentation and required form with the airline. Covid guidelines have been taken care of.

American Airline Pet Travel In Cargo

Conditions For Pet In-Cargo

  • The pets that are too large to fit below the seat in the cabin.
  • If the pet is different from a dog or cat.
  • When the pet is traveling on long-haul American Airlines flights.
  • Pets are not permitted to travel on American Aircrafts- Airbus 319, Airbus 321, Airbus 320, Airbus 321S, and Airbus 321H.
  • Birds are not allowed to travel in cargo.
  • Your American Airlines flight should be less than 12 hours.

What Is The Allowed Carrier Size For Pets Under American Airlines Pet Policy?

For a pet to travel in-cabin

Dimension of carrier size for soft-sided carrier should be 18X11X11” (45X28X28cm).

In the case of a hard-sided carrier, it should be 19” X 13” X 9” (48X33X 32cm)

Checked baggage

Dimensions in case of checked baggage should be a maximum of 40” X27” X30”.

In cargo

Dimensions should be 40” X27” X30”.

A carrier must be large enough for the pets to move freely.

Please contact the reservation to verify the max dimension of a kennel and follow carrier measurement to avoid any trouble.

Check-In And Form Requirements

As per the American Airlines Pet Policy, You can check in with your pet at the airport only before 4 hours from the scheduled departure of your flight. You should check in as soon as possible as the number of pets is limited to travel on American Airlines flights.

A valid health certificate of your pet is required to fly on American Airlines. The certificate should be attained within 10 days of your travel. In case, you are booking a round trip then the health certificate is valid for 60 days.

Pet Fee In Cargo

$200 is the American Airlines pet fee for Cargo and $150 for travel in Brazil. You can pay the pet fee during online check-in, at the time of check-in at the airport, or at the American Airlines ticket counter.

What Is The Pet Policy Service Cost Under American Airlines?

For in-cabin pet policy

Pet travel under an American airline, there's a service charge of USD 125. Though in the case of Service animals it’s free.

Baggage pet policy

The service cost in case of baggage policy is USD 200 and $150 per pet carrier if traveling to brazil.

For in-Cargo

The service price for the cargo pet policy is around USD 200. To confirm the fee for animals shipped as cargo, contact American airlines cargo.

Before booking, confirm the updated service charges to the American Air representative at +1-888-526-4112

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, according to the American Air lines ESA policy after the CDC's temporary ban on pets, AA Airline has finally allowed dogs to fly on flights. Airlines have two options for traveling with an animal pet: cargo (for large breeds) and in-cabin.

Yes, emotional support animals are permitted to accompany you on the flight; however, the costs and fees for emotional support animals will be the same as for any other pet. To bring your pet animal with you, you must pay the entire price.

Your dog must be at least 8 weeks old and have a valid vaccination certificate to travel with you.

American Airlines is quite rigorous on pet travel alone for your pet's safety and well-being. The airline-approved bag carrier dimensions are 19" x 13" x 9". ( or 48 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm) Also, ensure that the total weight of the pet with the carrier does not exceed 25 pounds.

Yes, cats are now allowed to fly with you on American Airlines. One person can carry two pet animals, and they must remain within the crate and below the seat in front of you at all times.

Yes dogs do can fly for free but only if the dog is a fully trained service dog. The airlines will take a few tests before the flight and see if the dog withstand all the questions and test.

Note: Service dog in training will not be considered a trained dog

If you want to travel with your pet animal on the American Airlines flight then you require to have a valid health certificate, breed verification form, customer acknowledgment form, and rabies vaccination certificate along with you only then, the pets will be allowed to travel.

The AA Airlines pet flight costs are $200 per kennel and $150 to/from Brazil for all military and state department personnel. Also, cargo pet fees vary and will be disclosed at the time of booking, whereas carry-on pet fees are $125 per kennel.

To be able to fly with your pet make sure to book a ticket by calling the airlines and letting them know which breed of pet you have. The airlines will make sure to arrange a flight in the cabin or in cargo.