Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Pets being an important part of our family, we all desire a safe and comfortable trip for their well-being. Alaska airline’s pet policy offers an option of a comfortable journey for your pet. According to Alaska Airlines flying with pets is an amazing service provided by Alaska Air. If you are wondering about Alaska Airlines' puppy policy to fly your puppy or small cat along with you, they are allowed in the cabin to remain near you and even in front of you.

Alaska pet policy provides the maximum benefits of comfort and easy travel for you along with your pet. Meanwhile, as per the Alaska Airlines Large Dog Policy, large dogs can travel as checked baggage or in cargo by fulfilling proper crate requirements.

Here are the answers to all your questions to help you prepare your pet to take off with Alaska airlines. If you are planning to fly with your dog, cat, service animal, or Emotional Support Animal (ESA) go through the Alaska Airlines dog policy as the regulations are different for a passenger traveling with an animal.

What are the Alaska Airlines pet guidelines?

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy
  • For travel with Alaska Airline as per the Alaska Pet Policy, the age requirement of your dogs and cats must be 8 weeks old on the date of travel.
  • The combined weight of the pet and the carrier should not be more than 9 Kg (20 lbs.) 9 kg is the Alaska airlines pet weight limit as per the guidelines.
  • Eligibility criteria for taking two pets in one Alaska Airline pet carrier- They should be of similar species and size to avoid causing stress.
  • Pets must remain in the carrier during the entire duration of the flight.
  • The Alaska Airlines Pet Carrier must be IATA-approved with a waterproof bottom, and have enough space for your pet to turn around and stand up along with proper ventilation.
  • Before booking a flight with Alaska make sure to go through the Alaska Airlines dog policy.
  • 5 pets are allowed in the cabin and one passenger can take 2 pets with him.
  • The Alaska Airline pet carrier or kennel must fit properly under the seat in front of you and should be there during the entire journey.
  • Alaska Airlines Seat Selection is available if you are traveling with a pet it is the greatest option for you to travel comfortably.
  • Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals (ESA) can travel for free in the main cabin along with their owner as per the Alaska Air Pet Policy for travel or Alaska Airlines Service Dog Policy.
  • Flight change or cancellation is available depending on the booking class with Alaska Airlines.
  • At times of extreme weather conditions, pets might not get accepted on Alaska Flights.
  • The Pet should have a valid health certificate and the date mentioned on it should not be more than 10 days from the date of travel.
  • Pets are not allowed to travel with minors who are traveling alone

How to book a pet with Alaska Airlines?

  • Booking your pet with your Alaska Flight ticket is not possible with the online booking as per the Alaska pet policy.
  • You will have to make a phone call to Alaska Airlines Customer Care Phone Number +1-888-526-4112 to book your pet to your Alaska Airlines flight ticket booking.
  • You will get connected to Alaska Airlines' customer care service executive.
  • In case you are traveling with Alaska on connecting flights to reach your destination, you should be attentive to pick up your pet in the baggage claim area.
  • If your pet is traveling in cargo make sure to recheck your pet on connecting flight.
  • Make a request to add your pet, and provide all the pet requirements to them such as pet age, weight, breed name, etc. to travel on Alaska Airlines.
  • You will get all the details and get notified for your Alaska pet reservation if possible depending on the pet breed.
  • Make a payment for Alaska Pet Fee and get your booking done.
  • You can check your booking or ticket details on Alaska Airlines manage booking option.

Pets In-cabin

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Pets allowed:

Alaska Airline permits small pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and small birds in cabins that can fit under a chair. The pet carrier in the cabin counts as a carry-on bag as per the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy.

Age requirements of Pet:

Alaska airlines permit a maximum of two pet carriers only if the adjacent seat is also reserved by the same passenger.


Only 1 pet is allowed per flight to and from Hawaii.

On Alaska airlines carrying 2 pets in the same carrier, their combined weight should not be more than 9 kg.

Alaska Air's pet policy has a tight schedule as parents or owners have to check in with their pets 2 hours before the scheduled departure of an Alaska flight and are not permitted to check in 1 hour before the flight's departure.

You will have to pay the Alaska pet fee at the ticket counter.

Pet should remain inside the carrier during the entire flight zipped and seated below the seat in front of the owner.

Forms Required:

  • A licensed health certificate issued by a veterinarian within 10 days of travel.
  • If you are booking a round trip with Alaska airlines from the origin of departure then the health certificate is valid for 30 days.

Carrier Requirements

  • Carrier for the cabin ride must be soft.
  • The carrier should be small enough to fit below the seat during take-off and landing.
  • Alaska airlines carrier Size in cabin: Soft-sided carriers- 17in x 11in x 9.5in Hard-sided carriers- 17in x 11in x 7.5in.

Alaska Airlines Pet Cargo Policy

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Pets allowed

Dogs and cats more than 8 weeks of age or larger pets can fly in cargo as per the Alaska pet policy. Alaska Airlines allows one pet per cargo in each kennel following the Alaska Air Pet Policy. Pets that are accepted as checked baggage in cargo are Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Hamsters, Household Birds, Guinea Pigs, Non-poisonous reptiles, Rabbits, Tropical Fish, and Pot-Bellied Pigs.


Some pets will not be allowed to fly when the temperature is above 29.4°C (85°F) or below 7.2°C (45°F). Pets can only travel based on a health certificate issued by your veterinarian while traveling with Alaska airlines.

Forms Required:

  • Alaska airlines require a valid health certificate received within 10 days of travel booking.
  • Proof of vaccinations and pet travel documents that are required for easy travel.
  • A Rabies Certificate is required for pets to travel in Alaska or to different states of Alaska.

Carrier Requirements:

  • Alaska airlines’ pet kennel requirements are 40 L x 27 W x 30 H. Passengers must ensure enough space for the pet to move around inside the kennel easily.
  • The pet inside the crate in cargo must be 6 months old.
  • The pets in the same crate must be of the same breed and similar sized.
  • The crate must have waterproof bottom and be well ventilated.
  • Alaska Airlines In Cargo Crate must be IATA-approved.

Alaska Airlines Pet Fees

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airline’s pet shipping fees or cost for domestic travel is $100 each way for one pet whether traveling in a cabin or cargo. Alaska pet fee $105 each way for the travelers taking a flight from Canada. Alaska Airlines Pet Fees remain the same for small and large pets. Pet Fee is non-refundable on cancellation of Alaska Airlines ticket. Passengers traveling with 3 or more pets are subject to pay additional fees i.e $150 USD each way for international travel.

Alaska Airlines Pet Charges
Pet in Cabin Pet in Cargo or Baggage
$100 each direction $100 each direction

What are the Alaska Airlines breed restrictions for pets?

Veterinarians say that Airlines should not permit animals with short noses to travel by flight in cargo as they may face breathing abnormalities. While taking the flight they may face the worst consequences. The following is the list of the affected breeds:

Dogs- American Pitbull, American Staffordshire, Brussels Griffon, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Chow Chow, Dutch Pug, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, English Toy Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Pekinese Pug, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Terrier Bulldog, Boxer, Pug.

Cats- Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese Exotic.

Frequently Asked Questions

No certificate is required to fly with your dog or cat (small pet) in the cabin on Alaska Airlines. For your own trouble-free journey, carrying a health certificate eases your travel to the destination as per the Alaska Air Pet Policy.

In First Class 1 pet carriers are allowed per flight on Alaska airlines and main cabin up to 5 pet carriers are allowed on each flight.

In one carrier two pets are allowed but they ought to be of the same species and the combined weight must not exceed 9 Kg weight.

Booking a travel with your pet depends on the subject of availability in first class, in the main cabin, or cargo on Alaska airlines. Visit the website or call +1-888-526-4112 to book a trip for your pet along with you.

For boarding on Alaska Airlines, check in at the assistance window only.

At the security gate you need to carry the pet and he goes through the gate with you and not by the x-ray machine.

The kennel requirements on Alaska airlines should be 21 X 16 X 15 for less weight pets (9 lbs.) and for 28 lbs. it should be 40 x 27 x 30. There are various sizes of kennels according to different breeds such as extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

Due to Hawaii's rabies-free state exception, the number of dogs or cats traveling to Hawaii is limited. Because at a certain time of year strong headwinds blow making additions in travel requirements with pets on Alaska Air. Sometimes there are restrictions on booking date of travel as well.

  1. Health Certificate: A valid veterinarian health certificate within 10 days of traveling.
  2. Rabies Certificate: Dogs and cats above the age of 3 months require a rabies certificate to fly.
  3. Acclimation Certificate: Alaska airlines has traveling norms according to the temperature at the departure and destination city. However, there are exceptions if you have a valid acclimation certificate for your pet from your veterinary specifying which temperatures your pet is accustomed.

Not always but you need to make sure the carrier you are using must be approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association). It fits well wherever it is required to fit in on the flight. According to Alaska Airlines Pet Policy, a pet carrier in the cabin with hard sides should be 17 x 11 x 7.5 in and a soft-sided carrier must not exceed 17 x 11 x 9.5 in. In other words, the carrier must be well ventilated. It should not touch the ears of a pet while standing and must have proper bedding.

Alaska Charges $100 for each pet crate on a one-way trip. Alaska Airlines Pet Policy permits service animals and emotional support animals (ESA) to travel in main-cabin free of charge with their owner.

You can connect with Alaska Airlines customer care by dialing +1-888-526-4112 to book your pet to your Alaska Airlines flight ticket booking. You can get your pet added to your flight ticket within minutes and with ease.

A dog with 40 lb. or more weight requires a large space to sit, turn around, and sleep. Therefore Alaska Airlines permit them to travel in cargo. Although cargo is the more dangerous place for your pet to travel. Apart from small pets, trained dogs or service animals are allowed to travel in cabins along with the owner with proper documentation on Alaska airlines.

No, pets should stay in their carrier throughout the flight on Alaska airlines, even after take off and during the landing. They should remain in the carriers kept under the seat in front of you.

Alaska airlines so not allow animals with short noses due to the risk of abnormalities that can affect their breathing.