Jetblue Pet Policy

Jetblue Airlines has made flying with pets easy for its travelers providing the most comfortable travel experience. Jetblue understands pets are an important part of our family, and we all expect a safe and comfortable journey for their health. Before booking a trip with Jetblue you must go through Jetblue pet policy guidelines as the rules and regulations differ for travelers flying with pets. Jetblue Airways provides the best pet travel policy for its customers and four-legged travelers.

A total number of 6 pets are allowed to fly per flight as per the Jetblue Airlines pet policy. Jetblue permits travelers to bring one pet per traveler following specific carrier requirements. According to the Jetblue Service Dog Policy, a service animal is allowed to accompany the person on any of the seats except the emergency exit row. Jetblue permits small dogs and cats to fly in the cabin with their owners on all domestic flights and most international flights as per the pet policy.

In Cabin

pets in cabin

Pet Carrier Size and Dimensions

  • Pets are allowed to travel on Jetblue flights only in carriers while traveling in a cabin with their owner.
  • Jetblue Pet Carrier Dimensions 17" X 12.5" X 8.5" or 43.18cm X 31.75cm X 21.59cm (Length X Width X Height respectively.)
  • The carrier must be waterproof from the bottom and adequately ventilated.
  • One pet per carrier is allowed for each pet.
  • Pet carriers are available for purchase at the airport as well for $55.
  • Pet carriers must be FAA-approved to travel on Jetblue Airlines.

Pets Allowed

  • Small Cats and Dogs.
  • Service Dogs.
  • Emotional Support Animals.

Pet Age Requirements

The pet must be 8 weeks old to fly on Domestic Flights according to the Jetblue pet age policy. If you are traveling with two small pets, they can travel in two different pet carriers following the Jetblue weight allowance for carry-on baggage. JetBlue Pet Policy has made the guidelines keeping in mind the travel comfort of your pet. For traveling in the same pet carrier the pets must be of the same breed and same age.

Jetblue Pet Fees

$125 (one hundred and twenty-five US dollars) is the Jetblue pet fee for each side for In-cabin pet travel. At times, pet traveling fees vary on Jetblue depending upon the route of travel, and booking class. You can add your pet while making your Jetblue Airlines booking in the “Extras” section. One person can travel with a maximum of two pets on Jetblue. The pet carrier must be FAA-approved and fits comfortably below the seat in front of you. Jetblue TrueBlue members can earn 300 additional points for booking pet travel along with your booking.

Pet Documentation

When you have complete information and are well-prepared, traveling with your pet is a breeze. Make sure to carry all the below-mentioned things for a pleasant and perfect pet journey. Your pet documents can get verified at your destination airport as well and sometimes if you are traveling on connecting flights. Along with the documents you must carry chews, pet treats, and favorite toys of your pet- for them to sleep better, and stay busy during the flight.

Pet Documentation
  • Health Certificate.
  • Vaccination Certificate.
  • ID tags.
  • Pet license.
  • FAA-approved pet carrier document.

Pet Route Restrictions

Pets are not allowed on flights flying to Jamaica, St Lucia, the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago, or U.S. flights from South and Central America. Also, You cannot carry pets along with you on bookings done with codeshare/interline. Moreover, pets are not allowed to travel in Mint. Jetblue serves flights on the west and east coast of the US, Aruba, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

In Cargo

Unfortunately, Jetblue does not permit pets to travel in cargo due to the lack of air and oxygen on the Jetblue Aircraft. Jetblue Airlines doesn't provide checked baggage service or air cargo for pets. The only way to make your pet travel is in the cabin for small pets or animals only.

Pet Rules & Regulations

Pet Rules & Regulations
  • Jetblue Domestic pet travel is easy on all flights whereas, on International Jetblue flights flying to the U.S, Puerto Rico requires documentation such as vaccination and health certificate as per the Jetblue Pet Policy.
  • Pet Carrier counts as one personal or carry-on item and it must get fit under the seat in front of you with dimensions 17" X 12.5" X 8.5" (Length X Width X Height).
  • The combined weight of the carrier and your pet should be below 20 Pounds.
  • One pet is allowed with one traveler and the carrier must be FAA-approved.
  • 6 pets are allowed on one Jetblue flight according to the pet policy.
  • Jetblue mint pet policy varies as pets are not permitted in Mint.
  • Flying with pets on Jetblue Airlines is not allowed on codeshare bookings or on Jetblue partnership flights.
  • Jetblue TrueBlue or loyal members earns 300 extra points per flight on adding a pet to their Jetblue Flight Ticket Booking.
  • Most of us wonder, Can my cat or dog sit on my lap? The answer is no, your pet must be in an FAA-approved carrier throughout the flight below the seat in front of yours.
  • Your pet should be inside its carrier and properly zipped at the airport according to the Jetblue Airlines pet policy.

Jetblue Pet Booking

You can book your pet travel online through a website/app or offline by contacting Jetblue Customer Care's phone number. While making your own booking after seat selection you can add your pet in "Add Extras." Here is the step-by-step guide to booking pet travel on Jetblue Airlines.


  • Visit Jetblue's official website or app.
  • Fill in the origin of the flight and destination along with the trip dates.
  • Press the "Search Flights" button.
  • Select the booking class type out of Economy, Business, or First Class, and then select the trip according to the suitable time of flying.
  • Press on "Next: Checkout" button and then "Next:Traveler Details" button.
  • Fill in all the passenger details and then select "Seats and Extras".
  • Add Extra Baggage and add a pet in the booking.
  • Finally, review your booking and make the payment.
  • You will get a notification regarding flight booking with Jetblue Airlines via email or phone.

Note: You can complete the booking as a guest or sign in as a TrueBlue member for more discounts or complete the booking with Jetblue travel points.

Offline/Through Phone

  • You can add a pet to your booking by dialing +1-888-526-4112.
  • You will get connected to a live person and then you can request the executive to add a pet along with your booking.
  • Provide all the necessary details of your pet required for flying as per the Jet Blue Pet travel policy.
  • Select the payment method and get your booking complete in minutes.

At The Airport

  • Reach out to Jetblue Airlines Ticket Counter at the airport.
  • Describe your requirements to the Jetblue Helpdesk and enquire about the Jetblue flight availability.
  • Select a suitable flight for your journey.
  • Lastly, pay the Jetblue flight booking fees at the ticket counter.

Pet Booking Phone Number

Jetblue Airlines' pet policy customer care helps in booking, flight change, or cancellation with ease and in a few minutes. To avail of Jet Blue Flights assistance, call Jetblue pet booking phone number +1-888-526-4112. Moreover, you can take advantage of other most flexible and comfortable benefits. You will get connected to a live person, you can request him to make a Jeblue ticket reservation for you and your pet.

Jetblue Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Jetblue pet travel policy and conditions are different for different kinds of pets. Nowadays people become happy while their pets are taken care of and given attention. Focusing on this point Jetblue provides extra care and benefits of priority boarding for extra comfort of your four-legged humans. If your select a seat on Jetblue Basic ticket fare, you will get more spacious seats plus can carry a carry-on bag.

Emotional Support Animals

  • According to the Jetblue ESA pet policy, travel is free of charge if they meet all the requirements of the Jetblue Pet Travel Policy.
  • Small dogs, cats, and miniature horses are allowed to travel with Jetblue Airlines.

Service Dogs

  • A service animal must be leashed at the airport and during the flight following the Jetblue service dog pet policy.
  • All the necessary documents must be submitted 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Military dogs are also considered service dogs and must be leashed throughout the journey.
  • If your service dog is large in size you should reserve the second seat as well for your comfort according to the Jetblue large dog policy.

Mint Seat Pet Policy

  • As per Jetblue Airlines Mint seat pet policy, the carrier should be placed below the seat in front of you.
  • Pets are not allowed to sit on Mint seats, emergency exit rows, or seats that are restricted to enough storage space.
  • The flat-lie feature of mint seats doesn’t allow any space for a pet carrier below the seat.

Therapy Dog

  • According to the Jetblue therapy dog policy, dogs are properly trained to perform the tasks for a person with psychiatric disabilities like anxiety, phobias, depression, autism, or learning disorders.
  • These dogs are allowed to sit on their owner's lap.
  • You need to submit DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form.
  • The dog must be Properly trained and well vaccinated.

Frequently Asked Question's

Before Traveling :

  • Pet documentation varies for each country.
  • Pet's Vaccination certificate and tags.

Pet Screening Security:

  • Present your pet in front of the security at the airport.
  • Your pet's carrier is mandatory to pass under the X-ray machine without the pet inside.
  • You can check in with your pet through the metal detector for visual screening.

In-Flight Guidelines:

  • Pets must remain inside their carrier zipped throughout their journey.
  • The carrier must remain below the seat in front throughout the trip.
  • You can book an extra seat for your comfort.

At The Airport:

  • Check in with your pet at the airport's Jetblue service counter.
  • Make sure your pet relieves himself at the designated areas.
  • Pet must remain zipped throughout the journey.

You can cancel your pet booking with Jetblue on their official website, online app, or by making a phone call. The Jetblue pet fee is non-refundable but can be used later within 1 year of the original booking date as air credit.

The Jetblue Airlines pet policy is very strict according to the regulations. Travelers booking their tickets for pet travel must carry all the items & documents in this checklist:

  • ID Tags.
  • Pet License.
  • FAA-approved pet carrier.
  • Pet treats.
  • Pet Documents.
  • Vaccination certificates.

The animals that apply for Puerto Rico as a destination must have a valid health certificate from a veteran in the US with 30 days validity.

$125 for each side is the pet fee for travel on Jetblue Airlines. Passengers should make the reservation for pets in advance as 6 pets are allowed on each flight and in the cabin only.

Regardless of the route of travel such as domestic or international, you are required to carry the health and vaccination certificates of your pet. The health certificate should not be more than 10 days old as per the Jetblue pet policy.

Jetblue Airlines' pet policy customer care helps in booking, flight change, or cancellation with ease and within minutes. To avail of Jet Blue Flights assistance, call Jetblue pet booking phone number +1-888-526-4112.