With Jetblue, you can book a flight knowing that you are safe in case your plans suddenly change. Jetblue flight change policy works depending upon the booking class. With the emergence of COVID-19 Jetblue has eliminated the flight change fees. You can avail of Jetblue’s same-day flight change benefits, if you wish to change your Jetblue itinerary on the same calendar day, prior to the scheduled departure of your original flight.

As your travel plan changes, your Jetblue reservations can change too. Jetblue Airlines flight change policy is not eligible for basic economy booking class. Non-refundable flight tickets do not qualify for the flight change. If Jetblue changes your flight schedule, they will provide a complete refund if you wish to cancel your booking.

How to change a Jetblue flight?

Passengers can make amendments to their Jetblue flight tickets online as well as offline. You can select any method out of these two as per your comfort to change the Jetblue reservation. Jetblue flight change fee structure is similar to the cancellation policy. You can change or rebook a flight with Jetblue for Blue Basic Economy, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or Mint class reservations for free. You just need to pay the fare difference if required for the ticket change. Jetblue Airlines flight change policy allows you to change or modify your ticket reservation by following these steps:


jetblue online flight change

Passengers are free to make flight changes by sitting at their home or if they are unable to show up before the scheduled departure of their flight. Jetblue flight change policy offers the benefit of making the changes to their flight ticket with ease. You can complete the Jetblue flight change online in two ways by visiting Jetblue Airline's official website or logging in to your Jetblue account.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Jetblue Airlines.
  • Secondly, press the "Manage Trips" button.
  • Fill in the passenger details such as the last name, and confirmation code of your booking.
  • Press the "Manage Trip" button.
  • Select the flight you wish to change.
  • Select a new flight and pay the Jetblue change fees if required.


jetblue offline flight change

Jetblue's customer care service providers will assist you completely and make the flight changes effortlessly within munites. This is the most effective and comfortable way of ticket modification.

  • You can get the flight changes done by calling Jetblue flight change phone number or visit at Jetblue's ticket counter at the airport.
  • To get connected with the customer care service number for Jetblue online booking dial +1-888-526-4112.
  • You will get connected to a Jetblue customer care service executive.
  • Request to make changes to your flight ticket by providing the passenger details and confirmation number.

Flight Change Rules

  • You can change your flight for free within 24 hours of booking, on refundable tickets, same-day flight change, or Elite booking status.
  • The Jetblue Airlines flight change fee varies for domestic and international flights.
  • The basic Economy fare type is not eligible for making any flight changes.
  • $25 is a non-refundable fee for each passenger on changing reservations or canceling the flight on phone.
  • Same-day flight switch is available on Jetblue Airlines y paying a change fee of $75.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, you need to add again the pet to your Jetblue reservation.
  • You can make flight changes and rebook the flight for the same destination airport and same departure point.
  • Jetblue allows passengers to make modifications to codeshare/interline bookings on same-day.

Jetblue Change Fees

Jetblue Change Fees
  • Jetblue flight change fee depends on various factors such as route of travel, booking class, ticket change date, name, time, etc.
  • $75 is the ticket change fee before the scheduled departure of the original flight booking.
  • The flight change cost varies depending upon the booking fare as well.
  • Passengers with Mosaic Elite ticket booking avail the benefit of free ticket change and modification.
  • For domestic flight change, $75 to $200 per person is the change fee.
  • If the 24 hours free change window has passed, you are required to pay a Jetblue change fee of $100 on both domestic and international flights.

Flight Change Policy

Jetblue Airlines' flight change policy lets you change the flight in plenty of ways. Terms and Conditions are different for modifying or changing flights booked by cash/miles, for refundable or standard ticket type, basic economy, business class, etc.

Booked with Cash or Points

Passengers can change any standard ticket type by visiting the "Manage Trips" section on the official website or the Jetblue app online. Change fee is waived for standard fare tickets and for Mosaic members along with the Jetblue same-day flight switch. To claim your Mileage credit points, you can log in to your Jetblue account. You can use points from Jetblue's partner flights also.

On Jetblue flight change you get the refund as travel credit or points to your account which is valid up to 1 year from the date of changes. These points are valid for one year on the next Jetblue booking. Award Flight ticket reservations are eligible for changes without a change fee. If you are making the flight reservation with higher Jetblue points then you will have to pay the difference in flight fare.

Basic Economy

Basic Economy is the most restrictive ticket type on Jetblue. Passengers are not permitted to make changes to Jetblue's basic economy fare type. You will earn 2 points on booking fare with TrueBlue Blue basic which is the most expensive ticket type in Jetblue Economy Fare type. You can cancel and rebook the flight tickets for making changes while traveling on Jetblue.

Refundable Fare

Refundable ticket fare will be expensive when compared to the non-refundable Jetblue fare type. Flight Change penalty on Jetblue refundable fare type is less in comparison to the difference in ticket fares of original and the changed flight. Refundable ticket type is free of flight change fee on same-day changes.

How Can I Change My Jetblue Flight for Free?

change jetblue flight for free

If you are wondering "how to change a Jetblue flight ticket for free?" You can make changes to your Jetblue flight itinerary for free by following various methods. This depends upon Jetblue Airlines' flight change policy to make the flight changes with no change fee.

Within 24-Hours

You can make flight ticket changes for free if the changes are made within 24 hours of ticket reservation. Even if you are making the booking 60 days or 7 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. You can make changes to your booking with no change fee within 24 hours risk-free window.

Book One-way ticket

Jetblue charges a change fee depending upon the fare of the booking. As the change fee is directly proportional to the cost of your Jetblue ticket. So, you should book your one-way ticket to avail the benefit of a free flight change or pay less amount of change fees.

Refundable Ticket

Book a refundable ticket type and get the benefit of making flight changes for free on Jetblue Air lines. You can also book a flexible fare type that offers an additional service that automatically eliminates the Jetblue change fee.


$75 is the same-day flight change on Jetblue. You can make the changes to your Jetblue flight booking even on the sam-day of flight departure. If you are getting a cheaper flight in the morning and your scheduled flight is in the evening. You can make the changes to your itinerary by paying the change fee. Same-day flight change is eligible for cities with multiple flights flying in a day.

Flight Change Procedure

Change Flight Date

You can change the date on your Jetblue flight ticket by following the simple procedure. Date change on Jetblue flights is possible by both the online and offline modes. You can dial +1-888-526-4112 for an offline date change on your flight ticket or visit the Jetblue kiosk at the airport. To modify Jetblue flight online you can follow the below-mentioned easy steps.

  • Visit the Jetblue Airlines website or app.
  • Select 'Manage Trips" from the header.
  • Fill in the passenger details and confirmation code.
  • Press the "Find Flight" option and select the "Date Change" option.
  • Fill in the schedule details of the new flight.
  • Fill in all the required information and pay the flight change fees.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.

Change Name on Jetblue ticket

Jetblue's name change policy allows you to change your name on the flight ticket. In case you have typed the wrong spelling of your name and want to correct it on your ticket, you can make the changes easily by following this online procedure.

  • Go to the official Jetblue website.
  • Retrieve and select the "Manage My Reservations" section.
  • Fill in the passenger's last name and confirmation number.
  • Retrieve personal details and select "Edit my name".
  • Press "Confirm" after filling in all the passenger details.

Change Flight Time

Jetblue provides the benefit of easy time or schedule change by various modes. These changes can be made online or offline. With Jetblue's change in flight time policy, you can make changes to your travel plans without wasting your ticket charges. You can get the flight changes in time easily by just connecting to the Jetblue customer care service number.

Frequently Asked Question's

  • Login to the Jetblue account or official website.
  • Fill in all the required passenger details.
  • Select the flight you wish to cancel or change.
  • Hit the "Refund button".
  • Fill in your bank details on the official website of Jetblue, and press "Confirm".
  • You will receive a confirmation notification on phone from your bank.

Jetblue charges $75-$200 flight change fees depending upon the route of travel, and ticket fare. A basic Economy ticket is not eligible to make flight changes.

You can change Jetblue flight tickets by various modes online (through the website or Jetblue app), offline (via phone, or at the airport). It is quite easy to get the changes done to your Jetblue itinerary by getting the changes done through Jetblue’s customer care helpline.

Passengers can get the changes done on Jetblue flights on the same day by paying a same-day flight change fee of $75. The same-day flight switch on Jetblue sometimes depends upon the flight fare, route of travel, and booking class.

You can get the Jetblue flight change easily by connecting to the customer care representative at +1-888-526-4112. Make sure to keep the passenger's details and confirmation number handy while making a call.

According to the Jet blue flight change policy, there are no such rules for transferring the tickets to someone else's name. Therefore, no flight change fee is charged for Jetblue flight change. Refundable, flexible, and MCOs are completely refundable.

While booking a flight ticket we sometimes make mistakes. For changing the date of birth on Jetblue Airlines flight ticket, it should match the date on your ID proof. You can contact the customer care executive at +1-888-526-4112 for easy Jetblue ticket changes. You can make these changes online by visiting the manage trip section on Jetblue’s official account.

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