American Airlines Cancellation Policy

If the customers wish to cancel their flights booked with American Airlines in case of an emergency or change of plans, the cancellation policy makes it convenient. Through American Airline Cancellation Policy you can determine what policies apply to your situation so that you can act accordingly.

American Airlines Cancellation Fee

The customers will not be charged for the tickets if they cancel within a period of 24 hours of the original booking but a cancellation fee will be charged after this time period. The cancellation fee according to the type of tickets are given below:-

American Airlines Refund Policy

If you cancel your flight within 24 hour of booking you will automatically receive a refund and if not you have to follow certain steps to apply for a refund.

Changing or canceling an American Airline ticket with a travel waiver

If your ticket is covered by a travel waiver it can be simpler to cancel your flight. These waivers are issued in situations like bad weather or natural disasters. The waivers allow the customers to cancel your flights for free. It may vary based on the travel waiver issued limited to selected dates and airports. Recently, American Airlines has put a coronavirus travel waiver into effect which has been updated numerous times since the outbreak. Following are the coronavirus waivers in effect:-